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Suspended! - Secret Passage - Simi Peak - Suicide - Shuttle!


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The name of this hike comes in part from Suicide Trail that we'll use to get down from Simi Peak, not because you'll be so despondent that you'll want to end it all. Neither will you likely feel that there's no point in going on after experiencing the ecstasy of this hike, although we try our best to provide amazing hikes!

After hiking some well-used trails, we'll continue to the Secret Passage, a lesser-known back route to Simi Peak. It has some steep sections, many huge boulder piles, caves and some boulders that need to be climbed. About half of the hike is along the edge of the Simi Peak ridge where we can look down on the trails and houses far below. Fantastic views into the valleys and of the sandstone rock formations are everywhere.

After Simi Peak, we hike through China Flat to the well-used Suicide Trail that leads down to the start. The trail traverses the steep ridge so we'll again have great views of Oak Park below and the very rocky Simi Peak above us.

This is shuttle hike. We meet at the end, pile into half the cars and drive to the start. At the end of the hike, we take the remaining cars to pick up ones we left at the beginning.

Statistics: 6.7 miles with about 1600 feet of climbing.


From Thousand Oaks and west – From the 101 Freeway, turn north on Lindero Canyon Road. Drive 2.9 miles and turn right onto Kanan Road. In 1.2 miles, turn left onto Hollytree Drive, and immediately turn left into the Oak Canyon Community Park lot.

From Agoura Hills and east – From the 101 Freeway, turn north on Kanan Road and drive 2.9 miles before turning right onto Hollytree Drive and then immediately turn left into the Oak Canyon Community Park lot.


Lunch: We usually, although not always, go somewhere for lunch after the hike. This is completely optional and is considered to be in addition to this event, not part of it.

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