Reiki I Certification & Attunement


This is a reiki level I certification course and attunement. Only 6 students will be accepted for the day. Investment is $300 to be paid the week before. Also, an additional $15 for your book, which will be used throughout the certifications.

Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the application of Spiritual/Sacred (Rei) Life Force Energy (ki). Reiki is an ancient healing art, with Japanese roots. In a session, the practitioner's hands are held above or lightly touching the body. By harmonizing the body’s chakras (energy centers) Reiki helps clear stagnations, which may be the cause of pain or discomfort.

But Reiki, is so much more... it is the empowerment of the divine and you become a healer. If you've been curious, practicing energy manipulation or have never even been for a session. Whatever your level, I urge you to come explore with an open heart. This is your time!

In Reiki I
-history, terminology
-hand placements
-learn energy flow
-receive attunement for emotional, spiritual and physical healing.
-added material: basic coverage of the business side of healing and how to set up a space

Once you become a student of mine- I will become your mentor. I offer teaching clinics at no additional cost and will be your guide whenever you need.

***Reiki Level II will most likely be scheduled 3 months after this course, to allow you time to practice and transition smoothly***