What we're about

4 Events a month: 1 live music event (think Ogden, The Oriental, Lost Lake, Herman's Hideaway), 1 restaurant event (hip to casual), 1 "culture" event (think happy hours/movies/plays/art walks), and 1 WILD CARD EVENT.

The WILD CARD event will be a monthly event chosen exclusively by the members to promote variety, new experience, growing and learning, and overall fun....

So what is a good Wild Card Event? It can be anything that interests you that you want to share with the group or try yourself. Ask yourself - What are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to do? Favorite hike? A volunteer event for a charity dear to your heart? never been to a hockey game? Is there an interesting festival coming up? Do you want to host book club? Or maybe make your favorite recipe with a few others? The possibilities are endless. Let's make this a community where everyone's hobbies are shared. I love to learn about people and share in new activities at the same time!

With some consistency of event type through the set event types, but also enough variety with the WILD CARD we hope to shape a small community of active friends, new and old, who will go on to share experiences well beyond this meetup group.

We have found that it is hard to meet people with the same interests as you and some of these groups are too focused on being for singles or based on just one common interest...most of love to eat, listen to music, pick up some cluture...but with the WILD CARD let's also venture into new territory - and make some fun memories along the way.

There is no age limit, young or old, do know that your host is a young 43 - so given that we won't be doing slosh ball or headed to LoDo on Sat Night to go clubbing...ever. I also envision some pretty active events for the WILD CARD - so account for this accordingly.

1. Some events will be pay to reserve a space (If I have to buy advance tickets). If that is the case, you will need to pay within 48 hours of signing up or your reservation will be cancelled and offered to someone else. If you have already paid and need to cancel after paying you will only be refunded money if someone else goes in your place (from the waitlist, or otherwise).

2. On all events a 48 hour cancellation rule applies. 3 missed events or late cancellations and you will be removed from the group. You will need to agree to this policy when signing up.

3. For now - no fees. I am putting it out there though, that I MIGHT have a 5$ a year fee starting in January of 2019...I would do this to defray any unforeseen costs, but also to encourage a more committed community! I want people to be involved and get to know each other well...but I am willing to try it out for now and hope that people will just naturally be engaged :) If we do end up having a fee, any extra money will be put towards a kick ass summer party!

4. You must participate in 1 event every 3 months (that is only 1 of every 12 events) - again I really want a smaller active community that gets to know each other. We are limiting the group to 50 people for now. If you need to go on hiatus for travel, work, health just let me know and we will work something out.

5. By signing up as a member of the Wild Cards and/or attending any events, you and your guests fully assume all risks associated with such participation, including travel to and from the event. You agree to be responsible for your own safety and realize that some events may be more physically challenging than others. You and your successors agree to hold all Organizers and other Wild Card members harmless in the event of any accident, injury or death.

I'm working on posting Sept events soon! I am open to ideas on all fronts - food, music, culture or your hobbies!

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Dior: From Paris to the World

Denver Art Museum

The Dior exhibit is in Denver!!! Let go see it and then get brunch somewhere downtown! Please buy your own tickets for 10:30 AM - there are only 60 tickets still available at that time so please buy soon! Once you have your tickets please RSVP 'YES' here and please comment on whether you will want to do brunch after the event! I will figure out a good place for brunch once we have an accurate count on who is going! Direct message me with questions. Here is a link to tickets but do confirm the right day and time before purchasing: https://tickets.denverartmuseum.org/Selection.aspx?sch=259542 Thank you Kendra

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The Wild Cards - Restaurant Night at Ash'Kara

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