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My Circles are for all women looking for support, nourishment, empowerment and healing through reconnection with their sisters, their fluid natural cycles and the wisdom and power residing in their womb, their feminine source. They are open to all women of all ages and all sexual inclinations - and you do not have to have a menstrual cycle or a physical womb to join us in sisterhood.

My friendly gatherings include two regular weekly sessions (one block-booking only and one either block-booking or drop-in), occasional half-day and full-day workshops and twice-yearly two-night retreats in Norfolk.

Amid my own long (and ongoing) journey of reconnection and healing, I started these Circles to create a safe space for women for discussion, sharing and explorations of physically gentle and delicious but energetically intensely healing and empowering gender-specific Yoga and Qigong practices, meditations, visualisations, rituals etc.

Together, these practices both cultivate overall female well-being and help to heal any specific issues that anyone brings along. So you may be motivated to come along out of a sense that you need time away from your busy, linear, responsible, goal-oriented life and to step into a softer space where you for once can be held, where you can move into a quieter, more intuitive state of being that allows you to commune with your inner voices and to reconnect with your original sexual energy and your true self.

Or you may wish to come because you are having difficulty with some specific issue. I particularly recommend my Circles for anyone struggling to conceive or to maintain their pregnancy, anyone with sexual, menstrual, gynaecological, post-natal or menopausal issues, anyone recovering from or living with illness or anyone suffering from a general lack of vitality or creativity or a sense that they are not quite living their own true life.

The Wise Womb Women's Circles are based on the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over more than 15 years of deep interest in natural healing and women's health - sparked by my own four-year fertility journey that led to the birth of the first of my three children. So they bring together riches gleaned from my study and practice of Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga, Birthlight Fertility Yoga, Birthlight Well-Woman Yoga, MogaDao (Five Element) Yoga, Qigong and Sacred Daoist Sexuality, Womb Yoga, and the Fertile Body Method, along with Naturopathy, Reflexology and Holistic Counselling.

On a physical level, the practices that I share in my Circles promote energetic and hormonal balance and optimum blood and energy flow to the pelvis. But, perhaps even more importantly, they remind us women of our cyclical nature and our feminine power and they bring us back into a loving, trusting, curious, accepting and sensual relationship with our bodies and, through them, with the original procreative 'seed' energy that was bestowed on us when we were conceived.

My Circles are founded on the fundamental understandings that we humans are subject to the same cyclical energetic rhythms that govern the daily and seasonal phases of growth and withdrawal, of vibrant activity and deep rest of the whole of the natural world (and that are powerfully embodied in us women through our menstrual cycle). Moreover, as natural beings, I believe we are essentially good and that our bodies hold the secret of our own individual Essence, our seed, whose particular gifts it is our responsibility in this lifetime to bestow on the world.

Ignoring these truths is the road to ill-health; only by embracing them can we rediscover truly good health, well-being and fulfilment in our life.

To find our more, visit my website http://www.nurtureworksyoga.co.uk/mogadao/womens-circle or feel free to email me on info@nurtureworks.co.uk.

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