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* This group is for women who are looking for ways to develop good relationships with their partner and their loved ones in general. This is a great support group for those of us who just broke up, separated or divorced as well as those who are looking for a partner. It’s also a good support group for those of us who have problems with their kids and in laws. All your relationships are reflections of your relationship with yourself and we are going to focus on that. We also are going to focus on balancing the feminine and the masculine energies within us and create together a space of healing, love and gratitude. Come and learn to experience how you can be a strong and a secure woman and still be appreciated and loved by others including men. Most people are scared of change because they don’t know what their life experience is going to look like after the change but I can assure you that you are going to leave this circle feeling and knowing how that place exactly looks like.

I am a life coach, healer and teacher. I also am privileged to have these abilities: clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. therefor, in each circle we are going to allocate some time for a Q & A session. So, feel free to ask any related question.

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