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This group is for ACTIVE members. We will not keep a list of folks who just want to join but not participate.

The Witches Cottage is a part of the House of Witchcraft in Southern California. The House of Witchcraft is an American Witchcraft tradition celebrating the balance of dark and light. The house embraces diversity and the global magickal crossroads that lead us to the deep spiritual paths that the Universe has to offer. Through the land we stand on, connections with Ancestral realms, and a personal relationship with Divinity, we embrace all the magick that the world has to offer. From Africa to Ireland, we are a land of many paths that now walk hand in hand.

Join us to experience the magick that is already within you. Once a witch, always a witch. It matters not the land you stand upon or the family born into, but your spirit. If you feel witchy then you are witchy.

Welcome home, merry meet, ashe, awibobo, amen, blessed be...

Please check out more information about us at houseofwitchcraft.com

Bring your personal journal. Dress however the Spirit inspires you, just please wear clothing.

From my head to my heart to my hands, how may I be of service to thee?

An open teaching circle welcoming all paths to Divinity in honor and reverence. We encourage and facilitate the finding/discovering of your personal magickal path. Come as you are and so will we.

About Taren S- over 30 years as an active member of the pagan community. Stood in first magickal circle-1982. Initiated as High Priestess within Traditional Witchcraft-1995. Hive-off-Circle in the Willows first full moon-Feb. 1997. Stood as Raymond Buckland’s HPS in New Orleans-2000. HPS at various gatherings and festivals-1999 to present. Worked at Haitian Voodoo Priest’s botanica for 12+ yrs. Initiated as Mama Bridget within American Voodoo/Hoodoo Traditions-2011. Pilgrimage to Brigit’s Sacred Wells in Ireland-2012. Professional Spiritual Counselor/Tarot Readings-2001 to present. Member of St. Brigid’s Order-2014

Legalities of an Open Circle

Must be over 18 years old or have a parent present to participate in any circle activity or event.

No underage drinking. You will be asked to leave and not allowed to return.

No green bean casseroles for potluck.


I want to come to a full moon circle and am unsure about it.

Most people are nervous of the unknown and not to mention have safety concerns when going to a group meeting for the first time. You should be, always act wisely and safely. You can arrange to stop by the cottage prior to any event or workshop. Contact Taren

This my first time going to a full moon circle, what should I expect?

We will have a short meet and greet time then we will cast a circle. Each moon is a different theme with spellwork. This is an open teaching circle so questions, mistakes, and re-do’s are common and encouraged. Afterwards is a sharing of a light meal/snack and discussion time.

Where is circle at?

Our circle is located on 2 acres, secure and gated. We are directly across from Lilac Elem. School. We will be outside regardless of the weather so dress accordingly.

What do I wear to a full moon circle?

Clothes please. Whatever makes you feel special and is your comfort level. Most dress in black, some in white or red. Many have special ritual wear like a cloak or gown. We do offer assistance for those wanting to make a special robe on a budget. Don’t stress your first time, jeans and a t-shirt are just fine.

What do I need to know to come to a full moon circle?

How to listen, share and write. No, seriously we are not expecting you to have studied long dusty texts and memorized verses in Latin. This is a teaching/learning circle and everybody involved is both a teacher and a student.

What should I bring to a full moon circle?

A positive attitude. Leave your mundane worries behind. A notebook or journal to record your experience. You can also contribute to the meal share after circle with light healthy type foods.

Does it cost? Is there a charge?

To cover cost of an open teaching circle we ask for a contribution of $20.00. All activities at the Witches Cottage are donation based. We never turn any sincere seeker away. Also, if you would like to give a little more to help those with a little less, that is greatly appreciated.

Remember you are never alone when you stand under a full moon. For at that moment all around the world, other magickal folks too stand under that same moon with you.

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