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This is a meetup for all the Woodlands and North Houston Area developers. Mostly, anything to do with web development for client and server side. Javascript is taking over the world. So, I think we should focus on JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, Three.js, TensorFlow, WebVR/AR, CSS, SASS/LESS, mobile first development, MySql/Postgres/MongoDB, 3D printing, testing, linting, development environments and anything really related to JavaScript with occasional forays into other topics. Maybe throw in a little python here and there?

Primarily, I would like this to be about learning new skills related to web development. Perhaps we can have some workshops on learning JavaScript (even basic skills) and have fellow members give presentations on any interests they have in web development. For myself, I particularly love Three.js and 3d animation, but it would be great to share information about enterprise level development such as testing, linting, how to set up your dev environment, etc. This can be a great place to share information on resources as well.


Planning to make this a weekly meetup through Google hangouts and a to be determined location in The Woodlands.

Each meetup will have some beginner JavaScript or Python lesson (for new people and as a refresher for advanced people), then we'll have an advanced lesson (to show the new people what's in store for them and to keep the advanced people interested!). After those lesson presentations, we'll have a presentation of some new topic in web development. Bring laptops to participate!

Recruiters may attend as long as they are not too intrusive or aggressive!

I welcome ideas from others on topics we should meet up for.

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