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Are you experiencing stress or confusion about anything in your life? Then it may be helpful to take a closer look at the thoughts you are believing.

I have found that when I believe my thoughts, I suffer, but when I question them, I don’t suffer. And I’ve come to see that this is true for every human being. -Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie is a way to clear the mind and end confusion. With The Work we identify stressful thoughts, question them through inquiry, and move from confusion to understanding. With this understanding, we stop believing thoughts that cause us discomfort. We become free and our life experience dramatically shifts.

As a graduate of the School for the Work taught by Byron Katie, I have experienced the profound insights that can arise from inquiry, and the freedom that comes with it. This group is for anyone interested in practicing this simple yet powerful method of questioning stressful thoughts. You'll learn to ask yourself the four simple questions of The Work, do the turnarounds (to experience the opposite of what you believe), and find your own truth.

For more information about The Work, please visit http://www.thework.com .

Recommended Reading: Loving What Is by Byron Katie.

The truth sets us free. In this group we support each other in finding our own freedom. Let's do the work!

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3 Day Radical Relationship Relief Retreat

Online event

Stuck"? Or just ready for your next level of self-evolution and joy?

This year has been challenging for many, but YOU KNOW the dreams you want to achieve, and where you are stuck. Yes?

Maybe those dreams seem impossible to accomplish, but that's because there is a missing "peace," the very "HOW" your littlest self is trying to show you by not moving. You know deep inside, you're ready for the next level of your life, career, or relationship with yourself and others... but maybe you don't have the support circle or guidance to know what steps to take to get yourself there. ⠀I see this all the time with my students looking to stop turning themselves into a pretzel to please and placate, resenting those closest to them, or filled with anxiety.

That’s why I personalize for each of you in our intimate retreats all the really applicable and practical and efficient--yet deep--tricks and tips that helped me and have helped so many create a life that finally fits. A life to love.

I’ll show you:

Proven strategies to harness whatever upsets you as a path to peace

Creating WIN-WIN outcomes for all out of Self-Love

How to USE your brain's wiring to free old stuck programming

How to increase your influence in loving ways as you build the world you see for yourself, your family, and this planet

The must-haves for you to turn self-sabotage into success in those "hold-out" places.

And so much more! ⠀

Link is below to grab your reservation and accommodations We still have 2-3 spots left (depending on room configuration) and a lovely mix of relatively new as well as more experienced folks....Yummy food, relaxing fun transformative time, gorgeous Fall Color across the water.... You won’t want to miss it.


PS - this is one of my most immersive events and its LIVE with ME and others in our community at Light Landing, my waterfront home and retreat sanctuary on the Chesapeake Bay!!!

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