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The purpose of our group is to discuss the ways we can resist the power of the giant corporations which are despoiling the natural resources of our planet, creating the largest wealth disparity in history, and reducing human life to so many pawns on the board of greed.

We'll refer often to the work of Chris Hedges, who has been sounding this alarm for many years. As the New York Times reporter and bureau chief in the most war-torn regions of the world, and later as a lead resister to American military involvement in Iraq, Chris Hedges has amassed a wealth of experience in understanding the great powers that be, in our time. After being chastised by the Times for not getting on the Iraqi War bandwagon, he quit his job and began speaking out on his own. He's now written several books on topics ranging from the fall of the American empire to how this has happened. His most recent book contains strategies for our resistance to the final plundering of the values we have always held most dear-- human dignity, justice, and freedom.

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