Olympus Summer Retreat 2019! - by WOW

World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure - (WOW)
World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure - (WOW)
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Northern Deer Alexander is Inviting you for 7 Days In Nature, in the Most Powerful Place of Greece!

Dear Friends~!
We are happy to announce the Summer Trip to Olympus - Spiritual Retreat/Pilgrimage - that you were all waiting with enthusiasm!

In the period August 11-17 you will have the most powerful and transformational retreat you could ever imagine which will help you relax, empower yourself and find new inspiration and understanding for your life!

We will be swimming, hiking, meditating & doing lots of practices. We will discover step by step the Laws of Power that are necessary in your Life!
Today, although modern civilization has given to us many gifts of the technological achievements, it has simultaneously disconnected us from our body, natural instincts and the source of power, intrinsic inside the center of our being.

In this retreat we are going to reunite with this deep inner power that we all have inside of us!!

In these 7 beautiful and blissful days we will hike swim, laugh expand our consciousness and experience joy and realization, together with exotic and panoramic views of marvelous places in Olympus mountain and Aegean sea In Greece.

We will swim in the mountain rivers and in the sea, under waterfalls and in beautiful natural pools!

We will have a lot of practices to experience higher and altered states of consciousness which will help us to understand and see the world , ourselves, our relationships, our businesses and our lives in new ways and with a new, rejuvenated intention to create a better, more successful and happier Future!

Come for this summer and join us to this empowering experience that you will never forget !

Self Development Master, Healer & Educator - Founder @ WORLD OF WISDOM & SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE - WOW!

AUGUST 12 -16

In these 5 days we are going to attain the Higher knowledge and transformation while visiting and uniting with the place where ancient Greeks believed that their Gods Live!! During the Pilgrimage We will Make a lot of Practices, rituals, Lectures and meditations covering a variety of interesting topics (SEE BELOW TOPICS OF THE RETREAT) – The hike starts from the town of Litohoro, follow Enipeas river up to its fountain , passes from the Monastery of Agios Dionisios and the "Holy Cave", the plateau of the "Muses", a unique Pyramid of Power - Energy Portal where Big Energies transform the consciousness of the people ready for transformation, The peaks of Olympus, the "Zeus throne", The "Prionia "area and the refuges "GIOSOS APOSTOLIDIS" & "SPILIOS AGAPITOS".

For more information visit our fully detailed event here: https://theworldofwisdom.com/event/olympus-summer-retreat-2019/