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Heavens Gate Safe Haven provides a safe clean healthy environment for neglected, abandoned,orphaned and vulnerable children. It also provides skills training for parents and community members including Life Skills training.

Can You Imagine...
Living in your "home" day an night enshrouded in such thick darkness that you are unable to see your hand infront of you.
Spending most of your time on the street during the day as the stench of human feces and urine in your home is unbearable - retiring to your home only to sleep?
Having to compete with rats, cockroaches, maggots and other imaginable fiends for food?
Using a bucket as an absolution facility in full view of all in the room?
Sleeping in sub zero temperaiures on the floor with threadbare covering?
Washing in a bucket using cold water in winter?
Having your senses constantly assailed by the fumes of parrafin?
Living in constant fear of physical or sexual assualt?
Sleeping with a stick in your hand to ward off rats who eagerly desire to gnaw at your tender flesh?
Being totally reliant on the goodwill of others to provide you with a meal everyday - albeit "pap and cabbage" everyday?
Constantly infected with skin diseases an other illnesses due to filthy living conditions.
Unable to do the things we take for granted, reading, watching television, showering, flushing a toilet, showering...

2018, and South Africa is viewed as one of the most unequal societies in the world and its 19 million children bear the brunt of the disconnect. Unsurprisingly, South Africa is very far from meeting its National Development Plan (NDP) to eliminate poverty by 2030.

This project is aimed at assisting in the plight these children find themselves in. It is also aimed at assisting parents who, through social skills they are confronted with, cannot provide their children with an adequate standard of living.

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