What we're about

The Yes Club - a new concept in events, where you can't say no!

How it works

A group of men and women will meet in a social gathering, which might be in a bar or a restaurant and they will mingle and interact.

At the end of the group event - the women and only the women - will ask a man, or men - and it's the men who can't say no!

Women can choose as many, as few, or no men at all. It's entirely up to the women.

Who's a Seeker?

A Seeker is someone who yearns for the intimacy and touch that comes with Romance and Love; someone who is actively seeking a partner and wishes to have the same kind of happiness that others enjoy.

Think of walking down the street, all around you are couples sharing whispers, holding hands with a brightness in their eyes and a glow in their cheeks. Have you never wished that you could have what they have? The joy, the love, the intimacy?

If you have yearned for all that then you too are a seeker!


- You are always in charge. Only you can ask and remember the guys can't say no!

- Have you never wanted to take charge? to take the lead? but felt held back by society's conventions. Well. the Yes Club breaks all the rules and conventions. Here, it is the ladies who get to be the cougars and the tigers. If you see a man you like on a Yes Club event, you get to ask him out - and he can't say no!

- The Yes Club is redefining relationships and empowering women.

- So come on! Join the Yes Club! - it's fun! it's exciting! it's for you!


Fed up with being alone?

It's miserable, isn't it?

Fed up with having to write to 100 women in order to get one reply and even that one is a "no".

There has to be a better way - and there is!

The Yes Club - where you can't say no!

What's wrong with internet sites?

What's right with it? Photos that are old, millionaires who seem to have all the time in the world to spend online, prostitutes masquerading as lonely women and pretending to be interested in you.

It's all a fantasy.

If you're serious about finding someone to share your life with then you have to do it the old fashioned way - face to face!

The Yes Club

We organise meetings where the guys and girls meet, at the end of the meeting the girls - and only the girls - will present the guys they like with a proposal - and it is the guys who can't say no!

So join the Yes Club for a fun way to meet new people, and who knows? - your next girlfriend could be eyeing you up and asking you out!

The Yes Club - new for a modern society!


1) If you RSVP for an event and you later change your mind, please change your RSVP from a "Yes" to a "No", otherwise, if you leave it as a "Yes" and you fail to turn up then you will be expelled.

2) Anybody who fails to come to an event in 6 months will be automatically expelled.

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