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SPEAKER EVENT (9/9): Colin Rochford, "Behavioural Profiling"

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Please join us for a club meeting to listen to Colin Rochford, who will present on Behavioural Profiling.

‘Personality Profiling’ labels people in a pigeon-hole. This gives people excuses in terms of what they can and cannot do. ‘Behavioural Profiling’ (E-DiSC) on the other hand, infers that behaviour can change.

E-DiSC can help people at all levels. We can:

• Understand our own behaviour
• Learn how and when to adapt our behaviour
• Improve communication
• Promote appreciation of differences
• Enhance individual and team performance
• Reduce conflict
• Build the foundation for a Coaching Culture

E-DiSC has proven to be very powerful in giving people a language to DiSCuss and appreciate their differences. The E-DiSC model helps people not only understand those differences, but value them. In today’s environment, companies often want to take E-DiSC even further.

Organisations routinely use E-DiSC to train salespeople, managers, customer service agents, and leaders to produce better business results – and it works!

Please RSVP by midday Monday if you would like to attend.

Meeting fee is $10 and includes a drink on arrival and nibbles. This is payable by cash on the night.