SPEAKER EVENT (7/10): Rob Harrington, "The Open Food Network"


Please join us for a club meeting to listen to Rob Harrington, who will be speaking to our club about the Open Food Network.

The Open Food Network ( http://openfoodnetwork.org/ ) is a Melbourne-based project which seeks to foster food system diversity and accountability through empowerment of small-scale local food businesses and producers. As an online food market place where transparency of production practices is preserved, it aims to re-democratise decision making around what constitutes acceptable practice in relation to the production, procurement and transport of food.

Rob Harrington is a software developer working on the Open Food Network, the co-manager of a vegetable box scheme servicing around 100 families in his hometown of Warragul and a part-time market gardener. He will discuss the food system dynamics which precipitated the creation of the Open Food Network and the role of the project in supporting transformative change by encouraging active participation in the sharing economy.

Please RSVP by midday Monday (6/10) if you would like to attend. If you do RSVP and are unable to attend, please let us know 24 hours prior to the meeting as we need to provide numbers to our venue.

Meeting fee is $10 and includes a drink on arrival and nibbles. This is payable by cash on the night.