What we're about

• This group is for young brides, and wives who are in the range of 26 to 36.
• This group meets up to enjoy the company of other ladies who are in the same stage of life.

“I started this group because I had so many single friends who wanted me to do single things like going out to mix or park but I’m just not in that place anymore. And my other half of friends were on their second and third kid which I’m not there either. I needed to find people who were on the same page as me. I am a bride to be and needed some people in my life who were in a serious relationship, getting married, just married or just newly pregnant. These were the ladies on my page and these are ladies in this group.” ~ Brittany Sisson

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Coffee and Gab

Barnes & Noble

Bubbles and introductions

Fizz Champagn & Bubble Bar

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