ZH3 Hash #1183:

Every 3rd Sunday of the month

Needs a location


Hare and Venue TBD. If you would like to hare, please contact Squatty Potty at [masked]

Meet at 1:45pm to start at 2.00pm. There will be a charge of CHF5.00 for beer/wine and snacks.

If you have not hashed before, a Sunday true trail is typically 8-10km, and there are all speeds in the group, including walkers who normally do a shorter route. If you are a slow runner, you will do something close to true trail distance, as there are places where the trail disappears, and the front runners have to find it - while they are looking, the rest of us have a chance to catch up. If you are a quick runner you will go further, probably around 10k.The hare (person who lays the trail) is really aiming for everyone to get to the end at about the same time in order to take part in the more social side of the run. There will be a charge of CHF5 to cover beer and snacks If you would like to know more about Zürich Hash House Harriers, check out also http://www.zh3.ch If you would like regular newsletter updates, please send a blank mail to [masked] with one of the following titles:- 'RUNS', for news of r*ns and social events 'NEWS', for news of everything else 'BOTH', if you want both