Canceled Meetup

The St. Gallen Bridge Trail


The 7.5 km trail passes through or under 18 bridges. The trail runs past eighteen viaducts, wooden and concrete bridges and suspension bridges and through the river landscape in the Sitter- und Wattbachlandschaft nature reserve. I just took my camera and went a few years ago. Great walk with my camera :)

here are some of my shots... not great I was a newbee... want to get better shots this time :)

It is a great trail to do in any weather. St. Gallen area shows better weather than Zurich for this walk so let's take our cameras and get outside :)


Level of difficulty: easy

Duration: 4.5 hrs (3hr hike + 1.5hr breaks depending on group)

Clothing: sturdy trainers are ok but trekking shoes or hiking boots are preferred for this walk, bring a light rain jacket

Water & Food: bottled water, packed lunch


10:00 - 10:25 Zurich HB meetu under the hanging angel, intro circle, walk to train.

Ticket There: Zurich HB to St. Gallen-Haggen Bahnhof

dep 10:39 Zürich HB - platform 12 (IC 717, Direction: St. Gallen)

arr 11:53 St. Gallen

dep 12:06 St. Gallen - platform 4 (S6, Direction: St. Gallen Haggen)

arr 12:09 St. Gallen-Haggen Bahnhof

12:30 - 17:00 Hike depending on pace and number of stops

Ticket Back: St. Gallen, Spisegg Bahnhof to Zurich HB

dep 17:09 St. Gallen, Spisegg (BUS 120, Direction: Heiden, Post)

arr 17:20 St. Gallen, Bahnhof

dep 17:48 St. Gallen (ICN 1538, Direction: Lausanne)

arr 18:53 Zürich HB

19:00 After Walk Drinks if anyone would like :)