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We are all blocked on some level, in the way we think or what we permit ourselves to do and feel. How could we change that and experience more flow?

You are welcome to be inspired by Mahima Klinge. She will talk with us about opening up to creativity using meditation.

Creativity is all about opening
We want to be opening creative new channels in our minds and hearts. We can learn how to Let go of obstacles which we put in our own way, it’s the process of learning through doing.
We can learn how to access creative ideas more easily and how to find ways to express the ideas.
To be more open to possibilities, it is important to know your first step only, you don’t have to know all the steps ahead - Once you take that first step, a door will open to influence the situation, and you will be able to see where the flow will take you next.
Practising the concept of not putting a limit on our ideas. Don’t limit yourself to believing that you can only do this or that, allow yourself to access freethinking and out of the box thinking

My own story of meeting Mahima
I first met Mahima at a networking event, she looked into my eyes and all the noise around us was gone, she said: “Nice to meet you, I do meditation, and you?” I was captured by her right there and then. It was only about 2 months ago, I’ve never meditated before that. I thought I won’t be able to meditate, and it’s not for me. But meeting Mahima that day I knew she is the person to meditate with. Her eyes and deep calmness grounded me, and made me feel connected, safe, and quiet.

Creativity is about making a Connection
How do we interact? With ourselves, with others?
We can learn and get better at connecting with ourselves: A good way is focusing on where we are right now - as opposed to where we want to go, and this approach will allow us to find our way. It will also allow us a better connection to others, through being more calm and confident in the now, and feel joy through our creative ideas.

What’s the plan for the evening?
Mahima will speak about being open, staying open and show us some simple techniques to do at home. She will teach us about finding our own in-flow (let creative ideas flow into you) and out-flow (let yourself express your ideas), being in the here and now.
We’ll do some meditation exercises with the purpose of engaging (and not only talking) in childlike playfulness - which stands in the foundation of breaking the blocks and finding our own authentic voice.

You’ll take home with you:

A better understanding of the obstacles you put in the way of your own creativity. New thoughts about your possibilities to remove the obstacles and take creative action. Techniques to use at home - Finding the child in you, where are they hiding, why are they important for being creative, how to reach out to her or him - and engage in creativity.

Who is Mahima?
Since 1997, Mahima has been sharing meditation with people all over the world, helping people to discover their inner peace and power in the Here and Now.
She was born in Zimbabwe in 1971 and went to school and was brought up there.

"My experience of freedom from the mind transformed my life. I went from being fearful and unhappy to being joyful and embracing a wonderful sense of trust. I want everyone to experience the beauty of just being in the now, peaceful, content and connected to a deeper purpose and Self.“ Mahima.

She is a painter, as well:
Read more about her:

Space is limited (around 10-12 spots) so please Rsvp!

30 francs.

Zurich. Location will come. If you know of a venue in Zurich, please tell us about it.

Wednesday, Nov 14, assembling 18:45, beginning 19:00-21:00.


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