What we're about

Like minded music lovers, tired and frustrated of never hearing good music. Those tired of going out to clubs and wine bars being forced to hear the same songs being played time and time again.

If you have a rare collection of records which were either handed down from your parents or grandparents, or from you visiting record stalls and carefully picking music this group is for you.

Many want to hear share and enjoy great music and the stories behind the music. If you want to hear rare groove, studio one, motown, reggaege, jazz in new comfortable spaces let's meet up and find some interesting spaces together. Our meet up will be community spaces we find as a core group to socialise in, either at a reduced hire fee, or for free
Each meet up a number of the group will bring along their tunes either on vinyl or play list and reminisce together.

Let's grow the passion of not forgetting just how good house parties were.

I encourage the elders who maybe lonely to bring your canvas bag full of treasures in the form of 7 inches and albums to spend time in a friendly enjoyable atmosphere, perhaps educating the younger ones in some musical history also.

If your tired of spending time money and energy going out for it to be mediocre. Lets meet up.

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Vinyl Memories

Tate South Lambeth Library

Vinyl History

The Effra Tavern

Vinyl Memories

Pure Vinyl

Appreciation of Good Music

The Sugar Bar

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