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If you identify as female and want to find some best friends, I created this meetup for you. Yes, YOU! Okay I lied I created this meetup for me. I was tired of all my friends living far away and grew up on TV shows like "Sex in the City" and "Friends" where a wacky group of people felt like they belonged together.

I have a vision of connecting strangers together to find an interesting and dynamic group of friends. Ambitious...you may say, well I'd agree. Somethings are worth fighting for. We are local females who are mothers, wives, students, girlfriends, artists, scientists and the like who meet in hopes to form a community. Usually over coffee but also through other means.

I hope you come and try to find a best friend in us :)

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Best Friends CRASH WeMeet San Jose!


Meet me in H&M 334 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128 around 5pm. DM me, if you get lost. Hi ladies, I met kindred sprit Dante who heads the wemeet team and throws a great networking event every month. Here is his post: http://meetu.ps/e/GkBGB/mGtSK/f I say let's go in a group! We can develop a buddy system (hand gesture that means "this guy has bad breath and I need to get out of this conversation" that will allow your buddy to rescue you.) Here is the official wemeet post: -------- WeMeet is a community of like-minded professionals, creators, entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, and influencers that meet monthly at unique venues to network & enjoy happy hour. Live networking events are the best way to promote your brand, business, or simply grow your network. Join the most vibrant professional networking group in San Jose! Have Questions? [masked] Event Marketing by Promotely Promotely is a marketing and advertising agency. We help brands and businesses grow through innovative design, marketing, and advertising services. www.promotely.com Venu Partner: VBar A sleek, inviting bar at Santana Row. www.hotelvalencia-santanarow.com/vbar.htm

March Coffee Meetup

Park Station Hashery

This meetups theme is about "Luck." Think about why you're lucky and be prepared to share with a new best friend. Location TBD.

Let's Get Spiritual! (at the Center for Spiritual Living)

Let's attend the 11am service as the Center for Spiritual Living in San Jose. What is CSL? The Center provides a safe, uplifting place for those who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” We offer practical spiritual applications for daily living based on ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions from around the world … In other words, a church “for the rest of us.” More on that on their website: http://cslsj.org/about-our-center/ Come early for easy parking and we can meet beforehand in fellowship hall to chat before service. :) See you there.

Volunteer with Sacred Hearts Community Service

1381 S 1st St

Please help the community and find a friend by donating your time with us this Saturday at Sacred Heart. Why? It helps the community, and volunteering scientifically get's you a "helper's high" Win Win! Sacred Heart Community Service is determined to create a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. We need a total of 20 best friends to help with the Warehouse (Clothing Closet & Pantry) making food bags and brown bags and sorting and hanging clothing. Please Rsvp and I can send you the sign up form and place to meet at! Please come with close toed shoes and an open mind. Parking can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-7db5wi6EYAdlVXdE5VVUtEWkM0UjZSYzllVjMyYUNnb3Jv/view?usp=sharing Meeting up at local starbucks at:1430 Monterey Rd #20, San Jose, CA 95110 at 8:45ish (expected to start at 9am)

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Feb Coffee Meetup

Park Station Hashery

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