Cool people on the beach & volleyball in Malaga capital!

The coolest people in Malaga
The coolest people in Malaga
Public group

Every week on Sunday

Playa Misericordia

calle Pacifico 15 · Malaga

How to find us

Read the event description, there you can see how to find us, plus google maps link as well!

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Do you want to meet people in Malaga?
Are you looking for new friends?
🏐 Come to our Volleyball & Networking event on the beach! 🏐

This is your best opportunity to:
- Meet new people/friends in Malaga! 👍
- Practice your English or Spanish with people from all around the world! 👍
- Play volleyball and have fun on the beach! 👍

Why is this the best meeting event in Malaga? 🤔
Because this is NOT THE USUAL BORING language exchange or networking event where people act like they have a stick up their asses. You know what I am talking about: When people stand with a drink and have awkward/boring conversations while you ask yourself: “What the hell am I doing here?” Well, we have something much better for you! 🏐🏐🏐

With us, you can be yourself! Forget the boring people, have fun, laugh at others, yourself as you try to learn how to play beach volleyball. Don’t worry we are NOT professional volleyball players and it's NOT mandatory to play, so don't get discouraged if you are not a sporty person or you have no clue how to play volleyball. You can just come to meet new people, chill, and network with others on the beach. Usually, so many people are coming that they can’t play at the same time so there are always folks to chat with. If you are in the mood you can try volleyball, if not, NO PASA NADA! 😅

When? ⏰
We are on the beach every Sunday (when it’s not raining) from 15:00 until the sunset.

Where to find us? 🌍 Super easy!
1.) Come to the Misericordia beach in Malaga capital.
2.) Go to the Burger King.
3.) In front of the Burger King, there is a small restaurant on the beach: Chiringuito Litoral Pacifico.
4.) Next to that little restaurant, you should see a big field with two football gates and usually several volleyball nets. Look for a group with party music, while terrible amateur players try acting cool. That is us! 😅
(google maps link: ) if you are not sure which group are us on the beach, just ask anyone or follow the music.

See you at the beach next Sunday! 🤗
Bring yourself, friends, some drinks and maybe sunscreen!

This is NOT a commercial event, but the attendance fee is 1€, to cover the expenses, the maintenance of equipment, etc.

Don't forget to bring:
- Yourself and friends 🤗
- 1€ for the attendance
- Sunscreen 💦🍆
- Sunglasses 😎
- Drinks 🍼

PS: If you are a professional or competitive player, then this event is not for you. We are terribly lame players but we enjoy it that way, because we play for the fun, not to compete! 😍

PPS: It doesn't matter how many people RSVPd on or because we promote the event on other pages as well, so there are always a ton of people coming, hopefully, next time including you!

PPPS: While you are waiting for the weekend to join us, check out: