NEXT Meetup: Edge vs. Cloud IoT in Smart Buildings

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Dear Innovators,
We are back with our next Meetup to discuss how IoT development is affecting Smart buildings and whether Edge or Cloud solutions are more suited to foster its growth. We will be joined by three presenters who will direct the conversation from a conceptual understanding of Edge vs. Cloud solutions, to the impacts of smart cities themselves and end with a discussion on current business applications and possibilities. Prof. Dr. Sergio Lucia of the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kropp of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Mark Nigge-Uricher, Product Manager of Bosch Software Innovations’ Virtual Power Plants, will join us as speakers!

The Einstein Center Digital Future is an inter-university cooperative researching how digitalization is affecting society as we know it. As a public-private partnership, the center boasts 50 professorships and bridges universities, research institutes, government and industry. 20 companies support this movement with additional support hailing form the state of Berlin via the Einstein Foundation.

The Potsdam Institute for climate Impact Research (PIK) is a German government-funded research institute that addresses crucial scientific questions in the fields of global change, climate impacts and sustainable development. It is ranked as one of the top environmental think tanks in the world, where researchers from the natural and social sciences work together to generate interdisciplinary insights and provide society with sound information to address global environmental change.

Bosch Software Innovations is anchored within the Bosch Group and consists of a multidisciplinary team who act as resident experts for everything regarding IoT. They work to bring their clients’ IoT ideas out of the primary stage of strategy to the finish line of implementation. With over 250 projects around the world, they continue to display their expertise and organizational competency to support companies digitally transform themselves and prepare for the future.

Prof. Dr. Sergio Lucia is Assistant Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin and has led the Laboratory of IoT for Smart Buildings at the Einstein Center Digital Future since May 2017. His expertise and research lies on how to leverage new advances in optimization, control systems, machine learning and communication technologies to better shape the IoTs and Smart Buildings. After receiving his PhD, summa cum laude, from TU Dortmund in 2014, he held Postdoctoral positions at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He brings this expertise to our talk on the future of IoTs and Smart Buildings.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kropp has served as Head of PIK’s Research Area III (Climate Change & Development) since 2008 and Deputy Chair of their Research Domain II (Climate Impacts & Vulnerabilities) since 2014. With an academic career spanning almost 30 years, Prof. Dr. Kropp wrote his initial dissertation in Theoretical Physics at the university of Potsdam’s Institute of Physics. Since then he has served in various professorships, lecturer/researcher positions, and as a Founder/CEO of the Climate Media Factory – for which he was awarded the Clean Tech Media ward.

Mark Nigge-Uricher grew up in California and Berlin. After studying Business Informatics in Germany and Switzerland, he completed a master's degree in Global Innovation Management in Scotland and Denmark. He has worked with IBM, Tannoy, SerEnergy and Hella in various functions - from process and IT consulting, CSR strategies to market and trend research. Since 2012, he has been Product Manager for Virtual Power Plants at Bosch Software Innovations. His experience in IoT provides a unique insight into the practical future of this field.

This will be a truly multi-faceted discussion on IoT & Smart Cities. We look forward to seeing you there and having you join in on the talk!