• Asnacomet pond trip

    Comet pond boat launch

  • Canoe/kayak fishing Warners Pond, Concord, mass

    Warners pond parking lott

    Hey guys, Russell and I will be canoe/kayak fishing this. Sunday and we welcome anyone that wants to join us! We will be meeting at Wardens Pond parking lot which is a small dirt lot of commonwealth ave in concord, ma. the launch is good for canoes and kayaks but no larger boats. We hope to fish until dusk as thats when they should really be biti g. I am not sure how good the shore fishing is from this spot and it might not be that accessible for shore fishing:( but we will have other trips that are more accessible for everyone, this was just a last minute trip that we wanted to share with the group. for this trip you will need some kind of pwc, bring snacks, water. bugspray, sunscreen, and anything else that you would need to be comfortable fishing in the late afternoon on what looks to be a decent day in the 80s, hope to see you out there! carl

  • Kayak/canoe trip Concord River Mass

    Bedford boat launch

    Hello everyone, Myself and Russell, my co-organizer are going to be planning a kayak/canoe fishing trip down the concord river! This should be a great fishing trip as we can choose our route from the boat launch or try both directions! We will be meeting at the Bedford boat launch which has a small parking lot and access on both sides of river this will be a leisurely fishing trip and we will spend 15-20 minutes in sections before moving on. of course people are free to fan out and look for hidden pockets. i am excited about this trip as the river offers fish species you dont normally see, such as carp and eel, and brown bullheads? for this trip you will need a kayak or canoe or be able to jump in someones😀 bring snacks and water as well as bug spray. be prepared to spend a pro-longed period in a boat, dont really need to much athletic ability, just the ability to fish in tight quarters, lowell university nearby may rent kayaks to the public but i will need to reserch. any questions feel free to post or dm myself or russell. as always by agreeing to this trip you are absolving myself and other organizers as well as meetup from any liability in the event of unforseen injuries or events,. we are only volunteers and do our best to provide fun events. hope to see you out there! carl

  • Wachusetts Reservoir trip

    wachusetts reservoir thomas st parking

    Hey guys, going to try a little reservoir fishing for this trip. Reservoir has Bass and trout and is fishable from shore! We will be meeting at the Thomas St parking lot. Its has ample spots and bathroom facilities. There are rail trails that extend for up to 3 miles with side trails which lead to accessible fishing. This will be a mobile trip as we will fan out and check out the trails, we will most likely end up walking a bit, 1-2 miles as we look for good openings, or just to move on to a spot if it isnt producing. gonna cap the group at 8, as we dont want to overcrowd each other. Please only sign up for this trip if he plan on makimg it, not to hold a spot! I know that things can happen and cause you to have to skip a trip, but if you need to cancel, pleaee change your rsvp to not going to free up a spot. Last couple trips there have been no shows/no messages and we want to curtail that. As the trip approaches i will add more detail, weather report/fishing tips etc. I am a volunteer and by signing up for this trip you are acknowledging your responsibility for your own safety and absolve myself and meetup of any liabilities or damages in the event of an injury or accident. sorry guys, have to throw in a disclaimer😀 hope to see you out there! carl

  • Kayak/canoe trip Lost Lake ma

    Lost Lake boat ramp

  • Shawsheen River fishing

    Needs a location

    Russell and I did a little 2 man trip Today on the Shawsheen River, and spur of the minute trip. Wanted to share the photos!

  • Luddam Ford Park

    Luddam's Ford Park

  • Heads Pond, Hooksett, NH

    Heads Pond Trail

    This will be a fun trip, there are 2 ponds to choose from with largemouth Bass, pickerel, bluegill, and golden shiner. We will meet at the public parking and then walk .5- 1mile to a spot we like. The rail trail popular with hikers as well as fishermen. It will be easy to fish from the shore! It was hard to set a pin on this one as their isn't a street address, there is parking off hooksett Rd, and a less than a mile map Rd to the pond. As the date is closer I will add more detailed driving instructions from AT trails. Please bring basic fishing setup if you it, myself and others should have extra gear but to be safe, at least bring rod & reel. Also bring snacks and water so you can fish in comfort. As we will be in NH, we will need NH licenses, they are rather expensive;think the cheapest was $15 for a day pass.

  • Myles Standish State Forest

    Myles Standish State Forest

  • Inaugural fishing trip. Upper Mystic Lake

    Mystic Lakes park

    *Attn* I am moving the inagrual trip just a few miles away to the Upper Mystic Lake. This is a slightly larger body of water and much more accessible and not as "built up" as Spy Pond. While there is several small lots to park near the lake, let's consider carpooling from a nearby Supermarket to minimize taking to many spots😀 I am adding a photo of the lot we will meet up in, it's where the pin is in description 😀 As the first inaugural destination, I picked an easy spot that is accessible, close to Boston. and cast-able from shore. Future trips will have us finding hidden gems! Make sure you have updated your fishing licenses. here is the linkhttps://www.mass.gov/massfishhunt-buy-fishing-or-hunting-licenses What you will need, a basic fishing kit including rod&reel, swivels, & lures if using artificial and rod & reel, swivels, hooks, bobbers & bait if using natural. Cheap fishing combos can be found at Walmart, Amazon, etc. Bring snacks & water to enjoy while you fish. Here is are some good links.https://www.leisurepro.com/blog/fishing-gear/basic-fishing-gear-list/ We will be meet in the small lot which can be viewed by looking in the photo section.