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I know this has already been tried but ... In order to grow as a photographer/artist it is important to receive feedback with regards to your artwork. Art schools have regular “crit” sessions as part of their courses. These sessions are meant to provide a safe (non hostile) environment for the artist while receiving constructive criticism (both positive and negative) about the work of art.

The “crit” sessions are meant to be instructive to both the artist and the critiquer. The artist learns what other people think of the art. The critiquer learns how to evaluate the art and to express this evaluation. In turn the critquer becomes able to self critique their art in order to improve.

Okay enough philosophizing. I am proposing a monthly critique forum. Please only post 1 to 2 photographs per month. You do not always need to post your “perfect” photographs. If you are having troubles with your photograph this is a good place to get advice. If you post a photograph YOU MUST PARTICIPATE in critiquing other peoples photographs. Beginners through experts can have something constructive to add to the photo.

It is important to understand that you, the photographer, may or may not agree with the critique provided by a fellow graduate photographer. Bear in mind that one can accept, reject or cherry pick any comments you wish. A difference in opinion is not a reason to get mad, so please keep the critiques in perspective.

When critiquing be constructive. If you have a comment explain it. Comments like ‘I DISLIKE THIS PHOTOGRAPH” are not acceptable without expressing the constructive reasons for the dislike. While I expect you to be honest about your critique, just keep in mind that the photo you are critiquing may be somebody’s pride and joy

In the future, I will host an evening session on photo critiquing. For now you can use (or not) the following criteria.

TECHNICAL: Is the photo well exposed, highlight and shadow detail preserved. Is the photograph correctly focused (this may not mean in focus depending on the intent of the photographer), is the depth of field suitable.

COMPOSITION: Is there a point of interest, is the cropping good, does the balance of the photograph (i.e. static, dynamic, positive and negative space) make sense, do the lines or curves in the photograph make sense and provide an impact.

AESTHETICS: Imagination and creativity, does the photograph speak to you or heighten your emotions, does the image communicate or tell a story, how has the use of light and color added or subtracted from the image.

So here goes, I will be the first to leap off the cliff with some of my images.

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