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Elle is throwing us a party...

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Price: CA$40.00 /per person

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Hi Guys,

I met with Elle a few days ago who is going to put on a party for us. A sushi model will be the centre piece. Upto 20 models will be in attendance. A experience in decadence? We will have the opportunity to shoot boudoir, there will be togas and there will be some nudity. Just for us. there is a cost of $40 for each of us. The sushi and the girl cost money! Anyhow, if you have an interest in meeting models, learning about some event shooting, and maybe just maybe want to meet a few of models... please attend... this will enlarge your circle of friends of similar interests. Maybe you can even shoot for a while. Please signup to the event, not neccesarily a first come first serve kinda thing. Regulars will be invited by past attendance.