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We'll meet weekly in Boston to learn about and discuss the fundamentals of web design and development.

This is a "soup to nuts" fundamentals of web design and development meetup.

The overarching goal is to do a comprehensive job of covering all you need to know about HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript language itself - an alternative to the seemingly endless list of overlapping incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain incorrect stuff out there.

We’ll stick closely to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related technologies.

That bit about “related technologies” will allow us to put what we're doing in a broader context.

I'm confident we'll never run out of things to talk about. But, we'll stay clear of anything that is very opinionated or takes us away from core technologies, e.g. specific libraries, frameworks, or platforms. (Preprocessors like Sass are probably the limit.)

Of course you may be interested in other topics too. I'm sure there are other meetups covering those things (and books, websites, etc). If that's what you want to know, and you already know the foundational material that underlies those topics, I would encourage you to join whichever of those groups is best for you. What I think is missing, is comprehensive treatment of foundational topics.

As much as the group is what learning the fundamentals of web design and development, it's also about defining the boundaries of what that means.

If what you're looking for is a solid understanding of the fundamentals of web design and development, this group may be what you want.

In addition to the in-person meetups, I'd like this group to be a resource for members. What does that mean?

• Comprehensive, and continuously updated, notes of all topics covered
• A curated list of references and other information (incl releavant articles and news)
• A collection of demos, examples, templates, etc
• Ideally I'd like there to be a platform for online discussion separate from meetup. The discussions facilities here are lacking. (At this point I don't need suggestions. I'm familiar with a number of options from Discourse to Discord, Slack and Mastodon, among others.)

I'm a big believer in making use of as few resources as necessary, not as many as possible.

Meetups for this group will be run very much like a traditional class. The goal will be to meet at least weekly, depending on participation. So, we'll meet weekly if there is sufficient interest.

Of course that means the meetup is geared toward people who will attend regularly.

Fortunately, I can say I have the space worked out! Meetup locations will be well-appointed co-working space in Boston. (I realize that will be really convenient for some people and not at all convenient for others.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

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South Station, Boston, MA

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