Please READ DESCRIPTION! FREE (league) Men Singles Spring season start now!

This is a past event

29 people went

Needs a location


Free to join! It will start now and end on July 1st (Monday) so you can register now.

If you already sign up last year then you don't have to register again, all you gotta do is to just log back in again and rejoin the ladder!

If you never sign up before then you will have to register for the ladder (league), once you register, depends on your level, you can join the intermediate[masked] or the[masked] Men Singles Spring 2019. We will start our spring season on April 15th (Mon)!!

This is the link to register! We recommend during your registration, provide your phone number and have your email as your user name since that will give everyone easy access to contact you for ladder matches.


How this Tennis Ladder work is that you basically set your own schedule and matches base on your convenience. All you have to do is that u challenge other player from the ladder and both will agree on a date, location and time then you play your match. The goal is to play as many matches as u can and by the July 1st (Monday), The top 6 with the best records will win Tennis or Gift Cards

Once you register you will see more details for the ruling and prizes.

When u have a chance!! if you have Facebook then feel free to join our Facebook Group for upcoming meetups and ladders updates!!