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Dan W.

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Toronto, ON

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Jan 24, 2014


I moved back to Toronto in 2012 after spending time in LA Vancouver and Calgary I an Actor, Voice Artist And Coach and still need as much practice as anyone. Extensive Film, TV, VO awards and credits. Plus have been a co coach for TAP and VAP ~xod

Did you read the About section? Our meetup has been around for over 5 years and we have noticed that reading the ABOUT section will effect whether or not you decide to attend.


Can you please describe the current level of your acting experience? Classes you are taking, etc. Be specific please or link to your resume.

Always looking to learn and make new friends check me out on IMDB

What is your goal for attending TAP?

Connect, interact, network and learn by watching others

TAP is a safe and positive space. Above all else in our interactions with other actors, when performing and when providing feedback we value respect, kindness and positivity. Will you try your best to attend every TAP with these values?


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