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    I'm newly arrived to Toronto from the UK. I have enjoyed the experience of a variety of theatre and short films in the UK and really looking forward to discovering what is going on in Toronto.
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    I'm an actor with a background in a wide variety of theatre (Shakespeare, farce, children's theatre, improv).
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    Hi, I'm a French actor living in Toronto
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    I moved back to Toronto in 2012 after spending time in LA Vancouver and Calgary I an Actor, Voice Artist And Coach and still need as much practice as anyone. Extensive Film, TV, VO awards and credits. Plus have been a co coach for TAP and VAP ~xod
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    Hi, I'm Ivan & I recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver where I was a working actor. In Van we had several meet ups where actors would get together and just run scenes and lines from plays, commercial and movies and I want to do the same here.