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If you're a man that owns their masculinity, but wonders how to navigate through this current political and social climate with purpose, join our group.

This is an interesting time for men. There's been a backlash on masculinity because of powerful movements like #metoo. In the last decade, #ToxicMasculinity has been a hot topic, especially around mass shootings and violence against women. Because of this, the perspective around masculinity is shifting.

We are a group of conscious and authentic men that are having deep, powerful, and constructive conversations about our role as men. Men need other men to talk to about what we're experiencing. We need spaces where we can be heard in an open and non-judgmental environment. This is that space.

Join us.

**This group is open to any person that self-identifies as male or is masculine centered.**

Stay connected with us on our private Facebook page, search: The Authentic Man Meetup || Bay Area, CA

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