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I will be in Ireland for 10 days. My main goal is a Karate Tournament on the weekend of the 23rd, but I want to ride for 6-7 days before that. I would like to explore a few areas, such as Claire County, which is supposed to have the best mountain biking on the Emerald Isle. My trip is unplanned at the moment.

I have been in contact with a Dublin native (Declan), who is willing to show us the good stuff around Dublin. He says there are some great trails, with berms, jumps, and steep descents. The trails are loamy and wet, and you can go super fast. As of now, I plan on bringing my bike with me for this trip. My hotel is secured in Dublin from the 29th-1rst, but my plans are wide open before that.

Will be camping 2 days in Wicklow/Ballinstoe Mountain area.

I am not opposed to doing a hike or two, either.

Contact me if this interests you. Oh, and we will be doing a lot of drinking this trip.

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