What we're about

Welcome, Mighty Adventurer! We are the Board Games Tavern of Antwerp.

We like to play board games, digital board games, card games, and/or strategy games. We're an international group with a lot of our members being expats, so the general language is English. However, it's okay if your English isn't that good; enough of us do speak Dutch (and several of us speak a bunch of different languages, too) so it's not too much of a problem if you're not great at it.

We encourage a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. We welcome people from all walks of life and do our best to make everyone feel like they belong. We don't play games competitively and generally nobody cares all that much about winning or losing. Sure, everybody likes to win once in a while, but all in all we play games to hang out and have fun.

We do hope that you'll join us so we can get to know you and play some awesome games together!

Currently, our meetups are split up into two categories:

* Weekly Board Games Night

This is a regularly recurring meetup event for anyone and everyone who would like to come by and play games that are easy to pick up and learn. We usually play casual games, social games, party games, and fun family games. This event is for you if you just want to get together and have some fun.

That's not to say you can't play heavier games! Usually we'll mention in the comments of the meetup event if someone is bringing a game with some meat on its bones or you can request one if you like.

It's recommended (but not mandatory) for new members to join this event first.

* Advanced Game Night

During these meetup events we gather up small groups of players for games that are more complicated and take a while to finish. These will be games with more intricate rules and more game mechanics than you can shake a stick at. Do feel free to join if you have an appetite for it.

These events will have a player limit, so be fast.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the organizers. Hope to see you soon!

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Online Board Games Night

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