ONLINE: Unlock Blockchain Technology Course for Enginers (Beginning Level)

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We have prepared a truly unique learning experience to quench curiosity in Bitcoin - Ethereum and Blockchain - Smart Contracts. Hosted by Lair East, an accelerator and co-working space with a unique ecosystem of various resources for startups and China-US cross-border business; and THEDEx, a collective network aiming to raise awareness of blockchain and digital assets to the general public.

This is a course for every and anyone trying to become well versed in Digital Assets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Technical and non-technical students and professionals are encouraged to attend. No fintech background needed.


- Interacting with the Bitcoin Network (Harry)

Querying the Bitcoin Blockchain with Javascript

Running Bitcoin Locally (Light Node)

Run and Customize Bitcoin Crowdfunder (Github)

- Writing Solidity Smart Contracts (Harry)

Writing Solidity Smart Contracts

Applied Cryptography Basics in Javascript

Solidity - Dog Shop


Harry Moreno

Harry is an experienced Technologist with a strong Passion on the impact technology has in our world and future. He has worked with companies such as Getaway, Capsule Pharmacy, SK-II Japan Store; while playing a key role in react-native-contacts bridge. Harry also developed the MVP for Free Code Camp to boot. His extensive knowledge in programing languages ranges from: Fullstack software engineering, Python, Go, Javascript, SQL and Deep learning.