What we're about

What We’re About:
Sharing your business and/or personal projects - making connections - putting your ideas in motion.

Let’s be frank - we all have ideas but it’s nearly impossible to do anything alone.
You have to share your ideas to gain feedback, connect with like-minded people and make progress.

All ideas are worth evaluation - whether you want to open an awesome dive bar or engineer a new ice cream cone. Or write a screenplay or open your own personal training company. ...Ok, I’ll admit - all the ideas just mentioned are things i’ve mulled over in my mind but never had the connections necessary to get the ball rolling.

That’s what we’re all about here - sharing ideas and making connections with like minded ambitious people - so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Why are connections important in art and business and any pursuit worth achieving?? Because nobody contains all the skills necessary to bring an idea to fruition, full circle, full cycle. For instance, I had an idea to open a meatball sandwich food truck - I created the recipe (darn good), broke down costing, did all the research on food vending permits in Vancouver and thought of a solid marketing strategy. But what I lack is self motivation, accounting skills, and having someone just as enthusiastic and ambitious to join me on such a venture. Starting a business is just like playing a team sport - You need a FULL TEAM to compete - you’ll never win a game with just one player no matter how good you may be individually.

So let’s meet up - bounce ideas off one another - and make cool stuff happen!

Come prepared to work on / share 1 solid, well thought-out business idea or personal project. Each person will do a 1 minute introduction of themselves and their idea. We will then break into teams and develop each member’s ideas with time blocked brainstorming sessions. The amount of attendees per session will determine the size of groups we break into. For example: Say there’s 9 people attending for the night - We'll do 3 people in a group - spend 10 minutes on each idea - and at the end of the 30 minute collab session each team will do a short presentation on what ideas were generated and how they’re moving forward.

Bring paper, writing utensils, and/or any e-device for note taking / research

Things to consider during brainstorm:
Is the idea feasible?
How far along are you?
What problems come to mind right away?
Have you done a budget / market analysis?
What legal considerations if any, are worth knowing more about?

At the end of every meetup there will be an open networking session for you to connect with other members of the group.

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