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Constellation Healing Institute Presents Gary Stuart Saturdays 7 to 11PM

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10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202 (2nd Fl) · West Los Angeles, CA

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NW Intersection with Gateway Blvd, Ground Fl. Entry from Outdoor Patio Area. Free Parking behind building 1st come 1st serve.

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Constellation Healing Institute
Gary Stuart
Saturday Nights, 7 to 11PM

"My constellation last night at the Gateway was simple, beautiful, and profound. Thank you Gary and all my reps. I feel healed. I was afraid it would be sad and dramatic. Instead it was moving and sweet. Constellation work amazes me because, as Gary says, you never know what will come up. I feel blessed to be a part of it." --- Claire Lake

Family Constellations
Family Constellations reveal and release hidden entanglements that are obstacles to health, career, and relationships.
What is Family Constellation? Subconscious bonds and deep loyalty exists within each family system. Family Constellation work uses this systemic field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members, whose fates can persist and become entangled in subsequent and current generations.
How / Why Does It Work? Acknowledging these conditions can allow a resolution to arise that honors everyone and restores the flow of love and acceptance. This enables healing within the family system.
What Happens in the Workshop? Using Bert Hellinger’s effective “living constellation” method, participants reconstruct their family system to identify and solve fundamental issues.
Participants can choose among these levels of involvement:
• Observing from the circled seating
• Representing a person in someone else’s family
• Placing their family in the circle using representatives
"I have been a European facilitator for family constellation for more than 15 years. I have had several constellations over the years to try and solve several entanglements in my family. They all were helpful to a certain degree, but I always had this feeling of severe burden in my life that I could not get rid.
Then I attended your workshop and the unbelievable happened. Within the short reincarnation constellation we did, it seemed that I could solve the entanglement of my life, which had its origin in a past life. I never felt this easiness and lightheartedness in my life which started right after the constellation. It’s unbelievable that I can see now how I repeated the experiences of my past life in my current life, again and again. I really enjoy my new attitude and awareness of life; it seems as if I got the chance to live now a really new-second- life." --- S. Torres
· General Admission: $10
· Working Client Fee: If you’d like to schedule a constellation, plz contact Gary directly.
** This needs to be done in advance of Saturday evening.
· Contact: gary [@] chifield [.] com ([masked]) or 310 * 748 * 2052
· RSVP your attendance right here on Meetup
· Parking: Free street parking and space also available in the attached lot behind building.
About the Facilitator:
Having facilitated well over 5,000 processes, he is now on the cutting edge applying this modality to Epigenetic and Past-Life Re-incarnation issues.
Gary Stuart has been exploring invisible family dynamics as a constellation facilitator for more than 14 years. Now double-certified, his first certification was completed during Heinz Stark's first U.S. facilitator training in[masked]. Then Gary completed Bert Hellinger's first, Movements of the Spirit-Mind, facilitator training in Austria in 2007.
He continues to conduct weekly workshops in Los Angeles and also offers Distance Constellation healing sessions. He offers training programs for those interested in becoming facilitators and/or expanding their knowledge and experience base. His current training program, ‘10 New Ways to Expand your Family Constellation Practice’ is being held in locations throughout the U.S.
He founded the Constellation Healing Institute (C.H.I.) in 2008, and is the author of Many Hearts, One Soul which speaks to the spiritual aspects behind the groundbreaking modality of systemic constellation work. He is a regular contributor to The Knowing Field International Constellations Journal and has also authored four other books on various philosophical subjects. His next book, Perfect Universe? is due for release in 2012. Gary is currently recording audio books for Hellinger Publishing for Bert's latest book, Laws of Healing.
He was instrumental as the Registrar and in planning the 2011 U.S. Systemic Constellations Conference held in San Francisco with Dan Booth-Cohen and Carolyn Zahner. During this very successful conference, he showcased his powerfully dynamic and transformative Re-Incarnational Constellation Experience to a sold out crowd receiving the highest rating of the entire conference.
Gary is a member of the International Systemic Constellation Association and the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce and you may become a member via
Added note from host location, The GATEWAY:
* The GATEWAY Portal practices and asks you, its attendees to join us in upholding an as little to no perfume policy as possible. We also practice and ask all to adhere to a no candle and no incense burning policy for those sensitive to synthetic smells as well as for lessening our harmful carbon footprint impact on the environment. Please note that practitioners are permitted to burn a naturally sun dried herb called sage to clean the space energetically, and some indeed do so. & lastly where candles are part of a sacred ritual, safe, non-scented candles are permitted to be burned upon expressed consent by GATEWAY's operating director. If you have any further questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
* Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. Blessedly this does not eliminate our Practitioners here at GATEWAY being able to do work on them, as often they can work remotely with photos or other props. We thank the universe for quantum on that. Where necessary, the Practitioner may set up chairs and a portable divider to makeshift a little private area outside near our patio to do hands on work with animals. Thank you so much for your understanding.
Also feel free to check out the whole of GATEWAY's upcoming calendar at /
Our official website is If not already on our mailing list, email heart-to-heart [@] thegatewayportal [.] com ([masked]) indicating you'd like to be added.
Thank you for your interest in this venue. Please visit us often, as we love your company
as inspired, feel free to spread the word with anyone you know that we may also serve.

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