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Seeds of Transformation Tour Event on an Evolving Consciousness with Sasha Cobra

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Sat & Sun October 5th & 6th
1 - 5pm (both days)

Seeds of Transformation
Tour Event on
an Evolving Consciousness
Sasha Cobra

In the ‘energy world’, what can be done at a short distance, can be done at a long distance... and what can be directed at one person, can be directed at many.

There is NO Time and Space.

Nitvana Energy Work Assists In:
• removing trauma from the body
• re-sensitizing the body
• opening the energy in the body for more intense,

full body orgasms
• releasing fears, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness
... and much more
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This event is intended to serve as an alternative to private Nitvana Bodywork Sessions, and allow individuals to experience and receive the benefits of Nitvana Energy Work in a group setting, at a discounted rate. It’s like having a whole group of people, all having their own “session”, all at the same time.
Unlike Sasha’s private NB Sessions, these events are open for WOMEN to participate.
It’s Sasha’s way of “expanding her reach” as she plants the “Seeds of Transformation” all over the globe.
100% Money Back Guarantee - If upon completing both of the days of the event, you feel it wasn’t worth the price, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.
Nitvana Energy Work provides an opportunity for men and women to reconnect with their intrinsic nature by experiencing the natural flow of their sexual energy throughout their bodies, free of any agendas and expectations.
This Energy Work is designed to raise the capacity for experiencing increased Bliss and to assist in the eliminating of any general or sexual traumas stored in the body, as well as opening energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed since childhood.
It facilitates women in reconnecting with their positive pole (the heart), while assisting the men in reconnecting with their positive pole (the genitals), thus realigning both to their natural polarity.
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2 Days Sat Oct 5th and Sun Oct 6th
4 Hours Each Day
Pre-Register at
Sasha Cobra fuses her deep sensitivity to energy with a loving, direct, and in-your-face approach. She goes beneath the surface of each individual and sheds light on the world of the subconscious and all the conditioning attached to it, especially around relating and sexuality. Sasha’s work is solely for those individuals who are courageous enough to explore their vulnerable and hidden places, with a commitment to transform their lives from the INSIDE OUT.
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Free Parking in attached lot directly behind building first come first serve. If/when full, street parking.
Housekeeping Notes from Host Location, The GATEWAY:
* Thank you for honoring No Food or Eating or Drinks other than water in containers with lids inside the offices or workshop space of The GATEWAY.
* Cell phones silenced as you enter The GATEWAY Quiet Zones please. Thank you.
* The GATEWAY Portal practices and asks you, its attendees to join us in upholding a no perfume policy as possible. We also practice and ask all to adhere to a no candle and no incense burning policy for those sensitive to synthetic smells as well as for lessening our harmful carbon footprint impact on the environment. Please note that practitioners are permitted to burn a naturally sun dried herb called sage to clean the space energetically. & lastly where candles are part of a sacred ritual, safe, non-scented candles are permitted to be burned upon expressed consent by GATEWAY's operating director. If you have any further questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.
* Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. Blessedly this does not eliminate our Practitioners here at GATEWAY from being able to do work on them, as often they work remotely and/or with photos or props. We thank the universe for Quantum on that. Where necessary, the Practitioner may set up chairs and a portable divider to makeshift a little private area outside near our patio to do hands on work with animals. Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.
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