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Non-Surgical Facelift Lecture & Demo by Donation (attend=$25 off 1st treatment)

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7:30 to 9:30PM

Non-Surgical Facelift Lecture & Demo
Linda Sherwood, Certified Myontonologist (** attendance entitles you to $25 off your first treatment)

Rejuventation Starting at the Level of Your Very Foundation:
~ Body ~
~ Cell ~
~ Soul ~

A Non-Surgical Facellift?
Redox Signaling Molecules?
You are warmly invited to come see this live demonstration of a Non-Surgical Facelift and to learn Microcurrent and Redox Signaling, 2 Powerful Healing Technologies which:
- Lift and Re-Educate Facial Muscles
- Tighten and Tone Skin... Diminish Lines
- Increase Collagen Production
- Lift Years from the Face
- Repair and Rejuvenate Cells at the Deepest Level
- Send Healing Energy Deep into the Body

You will be among the first to learn about "redox signaling" molecules, on the cutting edge of a new frontier in health and anti-aging Science, and how these molecules, for the first time ever, have been duplicated outside the body to bring about cellular repair in a way never before thought possible. Coupled with the rejuventating, lifting and tightening effects of Microcurrent, this is an awesome duo not to be missed.

Attendance is By Donation at The Door
RSVP Right Here on Meetup
Questions and Registration to Linda at 310 * 288 * 1527

About the Facilitator:
Linda Sherwood is a Certified Myontonologist (facial toning specialist) and a health researcher and educator. She's been lifting faces for 21 years, was trained by Dr. Bernd Friedlander, a pioneer in nutrition, anti-aging and energy medicine.

In turn, Linda has gone on to train people in microcurrent facial work in California, New York and London. She has also studied energy healing with Bryce Bond in NYC and with the School of Actualism. She's been an avid researcher of and advocate for the power of natural healing for 26 years and is passionate about helping people to look andfeel younger and to live the vibrant, ever-expanding life they were born to live.

* Parking: In attached lot directly behind building first come first serve. When/if full, street parking.

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