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REIKI I/II Tibetan-Usui 2-Day Practitioner Training

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Day One: Saturday Dec 3rd 8:30AM to 5PM
Day Two: Sunday Dec 4th 8:30AM to 5PM (

REIKI I/II Tibetan-Usui 2-Day Practitioner Training
Jayson Rivest, Reiki Master/Teacher

What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced 'ray-key') comes to us from Dr. Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) of Japan. It is a natural system of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The name Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: 'rei' meaning 'universal or higher power' and 'ki' meaning 'life force energy' . It is aptly named as the practitioner acts as a conduit for the Reiki energy which is guided by a higher power, because of this, anyone can learn Reiki , and it does not require you to study for years and fast on mountain tops. The connection to Reiki is passed from Teacher to Student in what is known as an attunement.

What You Will Receive:
- 2 Days of Instruction
- Reiki I Attunement
- Reiki II Attunement
- Certificate for both levels of Reiki taught
- Details 176 page class manual, 'Reiki: The Healing Touch by William Rand'

Some of the Topics Covered Include:
- Origin and brief history of Reiki
- Why people get sick and how Reiki heals
- The Reiki Ideals
- The Human Energy System
- Complete hand position system
- Sending Reiki at a distance
- 3 Powerful Reiki II Symbols
- and much more...

* Out of respect for others in the class and those that may use the space after us, we ask that attendees please refrain from the use of perfumes or heavily fragranced lotions on class days. Thank you in advance on this!

*Feel free to share about this opportunity with others

Cost: $350 includes a $150 non-refundable registration fee
Required Registration at
Questions to Jayson at 310 * 773 * 3838 or awaken2one [@] gmail [.] com (

Jayson is a natural Empath and Intuitive, and is a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Tibetan-Usui Tradition since 2001. In 2002, he studied Karuna (R) Reiki with International Center for Reiki Traning founder Willian Rand; ultimately becoming a master in that tradition, receiving his attunement inside Stonehenge. Jayson now lives in the Los Angeles area where he teaches and practices both traditions of Reiki.

Free Parking In attached lot directly behind building first come first serve. When/if full, street parking.

Added notes from host location here at The GATEWAY:
* The GATEWAY Portal practices and asks you, its attendees to join us in upholding an as little to no perfume policy as possible. We also practice and ask all to adhere to a no candle and no incense burning policy for those sensitive to synthetic smells as well as for lessening our harmful carbon footprint impact on the environment. Please note that practitioners are permitted to burn a naturally sun dried herb called sage to clean the space energetically, and some indeed do so. & lastly where candles are part of a sacred ritual, safe, non-scented candles are permitted to be burned upon expressed consent by GATEWAY's operating director. If you have any further questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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