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The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness

10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202 (2nd Fl) · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

In the Parking Lot directly behind The GATEWAY on the NW Corner of Barrington @ Gateway Blvd,, if not driving plz park on surrounding streets, Thank you.

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Occurs every 3 Sundays (excluding holidays unless enough participation despite)
at hosting gardener's location from 2 to 5PM.

"Doing Our Part" (well another wonderful aspect of our part anyway :-)
an Edible Gardening Group
Heidi & Fellow 'Gardeners'

~ Nature is Therapy ~
a great teacher so we will be learning together as we go, no experts here, while we certainly welcome any to jump in

Please note that this group only plants edible items, not plants for mere beautification purposes. This is how we are in part, "Doing Our Part".

~ Community ~ Sharing ~ Learning ~ Raffle ~

Amidst each gathering, where sample produce is available from my garden, for a couple dollars, you can enter a raffle for them, so come prepared to win :-)

Hosting gardener's location rotates (each hosting gardener must have 3 times logged where they were the non-hosting gardener in order to be in the rotation) each Sunday that we gather, and requested to be within a reasonable mile radius of The GATEWAY (keeping as "local" as possible).

Examples of applicable gardens include: a full garden, a raised bed, a series of window sill planters or pots... Address and description with photos of your garden required.
* It may take more than one rotation to complete a garden so please note to be gentle with expectations.

Non-hosting gardeners with or without gardens welcome, you do not have to have a garden plot to participate. Perhaps you have a family member or friend who you could throw into our pool of rotating gardens to work on per your time and effort put in... and ideally get them into the mix of us gardeners :-)

Green methods of transport to attend, i.e. carpooling, biking, busing, training... highly suggested.
Carpool(s) launches from The GATEWAY Parking Lot at 1:30PM prompt.
This parking lot is directly behind The GATEWAY building at
2503 S. Barrington Ave - LA, CA 90064 (@ the NW corner with Gateway Blvd)
(carpool driver rotates as well, for those not driving, cars are to be parked on surrounding streets so as not to conflict with any large groups attending events at GATEWAY).

This Gardening Group Unfolds Like So:
1) Get to location and bring out/set up all tools as necessary
2) Get to joyful therapeutic gardening i.e.:
- tilling soil to around at least 4 inches deep
- amending soil (examples listed below)
- prep the garden area into rows in the double dig fashion so the roots go toward the nutrition and grow healthily
- plant the seeds appropriate to the season and hosting gardeners choice
- water very very well
- discuss what may need to be put up like trellises or cages to contain the growing plant when they start growing or ideas of garden expansion and any compost tips and other gardening tricks
3) During gardening, the one and only hosting gardener optionally receives our moral, emotional, spiritual, psychological... support from non-hosting gardeners on whatever topic is pressing to receive such support during these particular moments.
* Please note that it is intended that a period of time each gathering will be set aside for the exchange of gardening how-to tips and where gardening questions can be posed and ideally answered.
4) Clean Up, pack tools and head home (dinner out together or if preferred picnic style when coordinated in advance is always an option)

Items Each Hosting Gardener Must be Equipped with:
- a drinking water supply for any that may run out through the duration of the day
- a bathroom for our participating gardeners to use throughout the day
- a garden, raised or otherwise, or series of window sill planters or pots...
- a hose attached to running water to wet areas as we need to
- dirt
- bin for unwanted plant parts and method for their transport to bin where possible
- gloves if you so choose
- knee rest if you so need
- shovel
- hand spade
- plant shears, loppers, branch saw...
- working hose and water supply, watering tin(s)
- bucket or two or more
- soil amendements:
***sand (perhaps as much as four 5lb buckets full depending on size of garden)
***epsom salt (for magnesium)
*** compost (ideally from your own compost bin but store bought organic if must)
***worm castings as soil amendment
***cow, horse, bat or other manure as soil amendment
***other fertilizers as soil amendment (Dr. Earth All Purpose seems a #1 organic pick these days)
***"Amend" (is composed of rice hulls that create a great soil consistency)
- mulch if desired to cover un-planted areas to prevent weed growth)
- seeds or seedlings of choice to be planted

Items Each Non-Hosting Gardener Must be Equipped with:
- snacks according to your needs
- hydration to last the duration
- gloves if you so choose
- knee rest if you so need
- visor if you prefer
- shovel
- hand spade
- plant shears, loppers, branch saws, axe...
- rake
- bucket and/or carrying device for supplies
- any seeds or other items you wish to share with hosting gardener
- lightweight portable chair for resting as needed

Participation Cost: Donations are Received with Gratitude to Continue and Grow this Group
Supplies Cost: Up to each gardener for all necessary supplies
Each Gathering's Private Location is inquired of Heidi at 310 * 479 * 0430

Please be Sure to Bring/Tell Friends, Family, Colleagues... thus increasing our co-efforts in "Doing Our Part"

** By the way, if you do not have a compost bin of your own, you are invited to save all your organic compost items between gatherings and bring them with to hand over to those within the group with compost bins to be composted.

Heidi is a Garden, Nature, Sustainable Food-Growing Lover wherein since her initiation to it, she experiences deep fulfillment of our be-gifted mind-spirit/body-soul existence, and feels gardening is the greatest well rounded practice along this co-journey toward wholeness. Thus Heidi follows her calling to create this group hereunder The GATEWAY. She thanks you for your time reading this and where the case, your interest in this passion of her's.

Added notes from us here at The GATEWAY:

Also feel free to check out the whole of GATEWAY's upcoming calendar at

Our official website is

If not already on our mailing list, email heart-to-heart [@] thegatewayportal [.] com ([masked]) indicating you'd like to be added.

Thank you for your interest in this venue. Please visit us often, as we love your company
as inspired, feel free to spread the word with anyone you know that we may also serve.