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Ancient Maya Activation with Ac Tah, Messenger for the Ancient Maya

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7 to 9:30PM (Post Conscious Life Expo s ( him ( too (

Ancient Maya Activation
Ac ( Tah (, Messenger for the Ancient Maya

Ac Tah will speak the messages of his ancient ancestors about 2012 and what we need to be doing now in preparation for December 21st. There will be a Q & A period which will present a rare opportunity for insight into the 2012 Maya phenomenon that isn't available from any other source.
Many researchers today have concluded that the end of the Mayan calendar signifies the beginning of a new cycle in galactic time which opens a window of opportunity for unparalleled human spiritual evolution. The ancient Maya planned and prepared for this time. With their advanced science in DNA they were able to send forward in time, to one of their descendants, the information we would need at this crucial time-the tools and technologies to awaken and unify humanity.
Ac Tah has recognized his mission and accepted his responsibility to convey to the World the very heart and mind of the ancient Mayan people. Following the energy of his audience Ac Tah gives messages and tools that awaken and confirm our origin and purpose at this time.
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Entry: $20
**Depending on interest, there may also be a workshop with Ac Tah available from 3:30 to 6PM same day here @ GATEWAY for $45
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Ac Tah is a direct descendant Maya from the Yucatan, Mexico. He received special training from his grandfather at an early age. He was told that later in his life, after certain astronomical events had taken place, he would walk his country of Mexico several times to deliver the messages of his ancestors, open portals of light for the return of his ancestors and build pyramids across the country to awaken the consciousness of his people. He is the author of The Night of the Last Katun 2012 Maya (
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