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Constellation Group Workshops Weekly on Wednesdays with Hazel Williams-Carter

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The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness

10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202 (2nd Fl) · West Los Angeles, CA

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NW corner at Gateway Blvd, Ground Fl. Entry from Outdoor Patio Area. Free Parking in lot behind bldg 1st come 1st serve.

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7 to 10PM
Weekly Wednesdays

Hazel Williams-Carter

Generation after generation, our inherited emotional and behavioral imprints keep showing up in our lives. Unknowingly we may carry our ancestors unresolved issues generations later. This information is encoded in our energy fields, DNA and cellular memories and has an affect on our health and wellbeing; mentally, emotionally and physically.

In this workshop we will focus on integrating and healing unresolved trauma in our personal lives and from our family systems. Unresolved emotional or physical trauma forms a residue of energy that remains locked in the energetic centers of the body and the family system and, if not released, can result in traumatic reenactments, unhealthy and disruptive life patterns, mental and physical illness, phobias, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, freeze and immobility, soul fragmentation and loss and an interruption to love and life. By setting up a systemic constellation it becomes possible for past wrongs, hidden dynamics, conflicts, disconnections, soul loss and entanglements to be revealed.

When we resolve these old traumas the interrupted love and life returns and flows into the family system and our children and future generations no longer have to repeat these limiting patterns and traumatic events. A constellation can also be set up for your family system, business, abundance issues, relationships, pets, art, writing, political systems etc. Any system can be represented and the resolution that already exists in the Morphogenetic Field can be accessed and revealed.

The great benefit of Constellation Work is the ability to put outside of us and into form our issue using representatives. The representatives in the group can reveal to us what we are carrying inside from our history and ancestral lineage. It is amazing to see what we are carrying unconsciously and what is blocking us and in conflict with our healthy intact core self from the generations behind us, our early childhood and our prenatal experiences. A constellation gives us the opportunity to differentiate from our present adult conscious self and our collective history. This differentiation enables us to live in the present adult self and stop re-enacting our history. Our focus is on re-patterning and integrating pre-natal and early childhood and adult and ancestral trauma, abuse and abandonment issues, which contributes to dysfunctional and co-dependent relationships as an adult and PTSD. We will be looking at early childhood bonding and attachment styles and how they affect our adult relationships and belief systems.

Please bring any issue you want to work on. It can be physical, emotional or mental. We can work on relationships, finance, jobs, mental & physical health and childhood trauma /PTSD etc. The Constellation field is also a good place to set up something that you are trying to create in your life that is stuck for you. Healing of old traumas and pain or life experiences where we disconnected from life and joy can be worked on including Birth trauma and multi - dimensional trauma. Please know that your issue can also be kept private from the group if you would rather work that way. Using the power of the group field the work can go very deep. We set up a safe holding field to work in and because of my training in trauma work and attachment work we will be held in a loving container for healing.

(please call ahead to reserve)

Contact: 310 ~ 463 ~ 9512 or indigohazel [a] gmail [.] com ([masked])

~ First time Participants are Free ~
~ Inviting Others is Encouraged ~

Hazel Williams-Carter has lead groups and trained in constellation work for over 12 years. She is excited to share with you the new approach to the work and all the new creativity flowing in the field. She is a Traumacologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist is trained in Somatic Trauma /PTSD resolution and attachment, bonding and repatterning work. Her background is in shamanism and vibrational medicine and other energy psychologies she has added her own unique flavor to the Constellation field. Hazel also has had a private practice for the last 25 years where she uses Constellation Work as well as EMDR , EFT, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfullness and many other healing modalities and energy psychologies.

Hazel is a Traumacologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Family Constellation Facilitator. She has trained with shamans in the Celtic, Mexican, Brazilian, Hawaiian and Tibetan traditions. She has completed a two year training in Peruvian traditional medicine in addition to having completed a three year advanced training in shamanism with Michael Harner and The Foundation For Shamanic Studies. Hazel has completed a two year training with Tama Do Academy of Sound Color and Chi. She is a Soul Memory Discovery and Indigo facilitator. Hazel is certified by the Bert Hellinger institute and Francesca Boring in Family Systemic Constellation Work. Hazel uses E.M.D.R. EFT,and various types of somatic modalities to release trauma/PTSD from the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Hazel has extensive training in attachment and bonding work to assist in relationships and early childhood bonding wounds.
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* Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. Blessedly this does not eliminate our Practitioners here at GATEWAY from being able to do work on them, as often they work remotely and/or with photos or props. We thank the universe for Quantum on that. Where necessary, the Practitioner may set up chairs and a portable divider to makeshift a little private area outside near our patio to do hands on work with animals. Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.
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