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The Goodlife Centre provides interesting practical ‘hands on’ workshops where everyone can gain new skills and enjoy expanding their confidence and abilities. All classes are open to men and women and are intended to teach skills to beginners and are not intended as trade training courses. We do not test or evaluate – so you can relax while you learn.

Our workshop leaders are all experts in their field and enjoy passing on their knowledge in an informal and safe environment. In any course, you will learn by practice and enjoy the support of fellow classmates. The classes are small, which makes plenty of time for one on one learning.

Some of the evening workshops incorporate on going learning. You can return to increase your level of understanding.

If you are frustrated by your own inability to tackle a task, or resentful of having to pay someone to take care of simple home maintenance – welcome. We know how annoying it is to have to wait till some handy side kick can get round to the tasks you wish would just get done.

For many who spend their days typing at a keyboard or in a job with abstract goals, the level of satisfaction from learning a practical skill is a wonderful stress buster after an unfulfilled day.

If you are a DIY phobic, a bit wary or a Gung Ho ‘Let me at it’ type, our small practical classes aim to fast track you through the basics, guided by professionals who will share their expertise to instill you with the confidence to go it alone.

If you hanker for more knowledge about maintaining your property or would just love to learn more skills – Come on down.

Please contact us via our website to ask any questions.

*Booking via https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk (https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/furniture-restoration-wood-revival/)*


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Bookable via our website: https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/events/traditional-and-modern-lampshade-making-26/ If you aspire to the luxury and elegance of lampshades that ooze class like a dowager, this is the workshop for you. Even if you have never stitched in your life, Ian McQueen’s relaxed and friendly style of tuition will have you wishing you had taken to the sewing needle years ago. Ian is a City and Guilds trained craftsman who makes elegant traditionally built fine lampshades for interior designers and high-end shops. Some are sophisticated – lined with silk so light glows through, some are dramatic statements bejewelled with vintage adornments. All are hand stitched -not glued – so that they retain their shape and structure to give years of pleasure. During a one day workshop you will select a wire frame and transform it into a bespoke home accessory for all to admire in your home. We use a 10-inch diameter Drum shade and a 12-inch diameter straight Empire frame. You can select fabric from a few fabrics we have available but we recommend you bring along 1 metre of fabric to match your colour scheme. If you want to walk on the wild side, bring any fabric you want to give new life. Students have even transformed an old pair of jeans into a striking shade. The process is fun but meticulous so there is sometimes only the time to complete the stitching on one lampshade in a day. This will depend on your speed. What you will take home is some of the historical skills used by milliners and upholders. (They were the stitchers who hung the tapestries on medieval walls.) As well as the know how and route to suppliers you will learn how to make your own lampshades at home. The tutor can demonstrate how to make simple trims in the same fabric. No special machinery is required and only a little help from a simple sewing machine available at the centre. It does not matter if you have never used a machine before. Choices: 1. Make a firm drum lampshade. Using a supplied frame, you will learn how to stitch reinforced fabric onto a frame using a traditional stitch. 2. A pleated or un-pleated lampshade. The lampshade fabric is stretched or folded directly onto a ‘Straight Empire’ frame. The lampshade can then be lined with a contrasting fabric. The use of all tools and materials are included. We have additional assorted frames for sale, as well as a small range of vintage trimmings for you to make more lampshades at home. Suitable for beginners. Enjoyable for all. DATES FOR THIS WORKSHOP/COURSE: 31/10/[masked]:00 am - 5:00 pm REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT: Basic Plumbing Morning: £175.00 (GBP)


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Bookable via our website: https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/events/basic-electrics-128/ An introductory workshop to help learn the first principles of electrics in the home.What about those complicated physic formulas? How will you know an Amp when you see one? (Clue-you can’t. ) This short workshop covers the most common requests that homeowners, landlords and tenants want to more about in their homes. Explained in simple terminology, and with practice on fiddly -but unplugged in- electrical fittings, learners can leave feeling less wary about this familiar but invisible energy. Learn how to use inexpensive hand tools to wire a simple lighting circuit safely- where do all those wires go? What do they do? Learn when to use 2 core or 3 core cable and how to fit an inline switch. See how to test and avoid faulty wiring when performing simple repairs at home. Look under the ‘bonnet’ of your consumer unit (Fuse box) and understand what it’s connected to and how to turn the supply off and on. Understand the basic wiring system in your home. Practice changing switches to dimmers, look behind socket plates and understand how to change ceiling pendants. Stay safe in your home by finding out what you can and can’t do yourself without certification. We will also offer tips on ways to reduce your electricity bill. DATES FOR THIS WORKSHOP/COURSE: 18/10/[masked]:00 am - 12:30 pm REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT: Basic Electrics - Morning: £85.00 (GBP)


The Goodlife Centre

Bookable via our website: https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/events/intro-to-woodcarving-47/ If you have ever marveled at the fine detail or flowing lines of a wood carving, you may have wondered what it would be like to carve. In this one-day workshop, expert wood carver Jon Hall brings his experience, City and Guilds training and expertise to this day’s enjoyable teaching. Even if you have never held a chisel before or can’t draw a design, Jon’s method of carving will build confidence and correct technique in an energetic and nspiring manner. By following the contours of a fresh leaf, you will learn the fundamentals of this skill. As sharp tools are the key to success, you will also practice how to keep your tools in top condition to achieve the results you desire. We supply all the tools and materials and also sell sets of carving tools so you can improve your skill at home. Beginners welcome. DATES FOR THIS WORKSHOP/COURSE: 31/10/[masked]:00 am - 5:00 pm REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT: Intro To Woodcarving: £175.00 (GBP)


The Goodlife Centre


Bookable via our website: https://www.thegoodlifecentre.co.uk/events/basic-tiling-morning-29/ Not quite sure where to start with a tiling project? Bit daunted by the thought of tiles falling off the wall if you do get them on? What about those half tiles at the corners… and cutting a curved shape? If the idea of tackling a tiling project yourself is terrifying, yet you yearn for the skills to have a go, then this weekday morning workshop is just for you. In this hands-on practical workshop we will guide you through choosing appropriate tiles for the job, sizing up, planning out and preparing the surface. You will use the correct adhesive to tile a small area and learn how to grout in between the tiles to ensure a watertight finish. You will also practice cutting straight lines and curves. Come and break our tiles instead of yours while you practice. Bring photos of problem areas and leave with expert advice and confidence to help you complete your very own project at home. All personal protection, tools and materials are included. Suitable for absolute beginners. Enjoyable for everyone. DATES FOR THIS WORKSHOP/COURSE: 31/10/[masked]:00 pm - 4:30 pm REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT: Basic Plumbing Morning: £85.00 (GBP)

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