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Read, Meet, Talk and Enjoy! ...that's what we do with the books at our monthly gatherings.

It's a wonderful group of ladies who meet and discuss the book of the month. We meet at each others' homes and learn, laugh and get to know each other. We select books based upon participating member suggestions. If you enjoy reading and expanding your horizons...join us!


Special Activity: Discuss books for the next 12 month period.
We have selected a genre for each month and will suggest books within those genres. If you attend book club fairly regularly, or plan to as a new member, bring your book suggestions.

Genres: Fiction; Non-Fiction; Historical Fiction; Science Fiction; Magical Realism; Classic; Memoir/AutoBiography/Biography; Adventure/Travel; Science/Health/Technology; Poetry; Short Story/Essay; Murder Mystery

Book: When We Were The Kennedys by Monica Wood

Host: Gale

Facilitator: Rebecca

Note: We'll gather at 5:30, and start this month's book discussion promptly at 6:00 PM.