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HAPPY 2018!!! WHAT!! For those of you who might be wondering why we aren't beginning our WWW at our "Regular" place.... well, Ebeneezer's is currently closed, AND SO IS THE WILD DUCK PUB!!!! Seriously!! I'll be e-mailing some info on this later, when I hear more about the "NEW Restaurant which is due to open in March.) So... I have been trying to think where should we go.... and then, I thought, why not one of our FAVORITE places. Now here's the other twist. In January there are actually 5 Wednesday's. We could plan a "REGULAR" event on the 4th Wednesday ... and then a BONUS Wine Tasting on the 5th Wednesday... but, with me being away... and the January weather being a bit unpredictable, I'm thinking that we should plan a Wine Tasting on the 4th Wednesday with the 5th as a "snow date". I've been in contact with Tim's team and they can do a wine tasting if we are up for it. SO... cost will be $20.00 per person, but we will need to limit it to 25. This would include a few light apps. We can stay and order dinner or more apps after, for anyone who can stay
after. Cheers!