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End Binge Eating Workshop #1: Identifying the Problem
Before you can solve a problem, you first have to understand it. In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to understand your emotional and binge eating in a new and liberating way. We will explore how and why this behavior developed at an earlier time in your life, and what you need today to truly let it go once and for all. We will also explore why diets really don't work in the long run, and how they've likely contributed to your struggles with emotional and binge eating. This is the first workshop in a series of three; complete the trio for a comprehensive understanding of how to find lasting freedom from food without ever dieting again!! Want to learn more or reserve your seat? Please visit Cost includes: * Over 14 hours of educational and therapeutic support from our expert clinical team of therapists, dietitian, and personal trainer * 100+ page Workbook designed specifically for this workshop Pre-registration is required so please contact us prior to January 11 if you are interested in attending. We hope to see you there :)

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TheHealthyWeighOut is Arizona’s premier Binge and Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program offering 2-day workshops and one-on-one individual services to help you end binge eating without ever dieting again. Developed by a team of eating disorder and weight management experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition, and fitness, TheHealthyWeighOut’s unique program compassionately helps people get to the psychological root of WHY food has become the go-to source of stress management and comfort for years/decades, and then provides powerful information for HOW TO CHANGE (once and for all!) the problematic eating behavior – and the oftentimes painful struggle with weight that overeating creates! What makes us different from most other eating and weight-management programs is that our program helps people understand and transform the issues that crafted this dependence on food in the first place, so diets and superficial coping skills (have you ever been told to just go ‘take a bath’ whenever you have the urge to binge?) are no longer needed.

For more information about our 2-day workshops and/or individual services, please visit us online at or call (480) 941-6999.

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