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Digestive Issues- Women Empowering Women
This one time course will provide you with information and give you access to transform your digestive issues! You cannot find this information anywhere else. Empower yourself to step into your full potential of optimal health and well-being! Join this community of women facing the similar issues and are here to support you! Your health and the rest of your life awaits you!

VAST Wellness Center

2323 South Troy Street Building 3 Suite 108 · Aurora, CO


What we're about

Women Empowering Women

Learn how to tap into your full potential

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Would you like to…

• Improve relationships?

• Learn how to empower yourself as a mother?

• Strengthen your mind and emotions?

• Overcome digestive problems and other health issues?

• Like to experience a safe, nurturing environment to connect with other like-minded people?

Did you say "YES" to any of the above? Then come check it out!


Your invitation is for a complimentary, 5 week personal development and mindfulness practice study group that will guide and support you to transform your life in any aspect that you choose.

About the book:

The "Inner Matrix" details Joey Klein’s proven approach to living a truly rich, meaningful and empowered life using his core teachings and practices of Conscious Transformation TM. Combining the ancient wisdom traditions of Eastern and Western knowledge with the latest science in genetics, psychology and brain function, Joey shares how to transform your life! This transformation occurs by effectively and permanently shifting deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that create stress and limit joy, love, peace and success.


"Clarity is what gives us the ability to commit, and commitment is what gives us the ability to succeed!"

J. Klein



Click this "link" ( to check out the "Inner Matrix" on Amazon. Don't miss the reviews!

You may purchase your book before or at the meet & greet.

The Inner Matrix book can be purchased from Amazon or from me directly.



The purpose of The Inner Matrix Group is to expand awareness of powerful and unconscious drivers within us and to provide simple practices to support internal development. The practices focus on transcending mental, emotional and physical patterns that are causing you to suffer or are limiting your success and experiences of life.

These tools provide effective guidance and support for creating new ways of showing up in life, allowing you to step into fulfilling desired experiences and a new vision for your life!

You will be lovingly guided through this book by Gretchen Gehlhoff RN, Digestive Health Consultant, Certified Practitioner and Apprentice with Conscious Transformation.

Gretchen A. Gehlhoff RN


“To Change Your Tomorrow, You Must Do Something Different Today.” J. Klein


The author of the "Inner Matrix" Joey Klein, speaks about the book and the 9 week study course and book club.


Weekly Topics:

April 30th, 6 -7:30 PM - MEET & GREET

May 1st, 6-730 PM - Week 1 - Focusing The Mind

May 14th, 6-730 PM -Week 2 - Shifting Emotions

May 28th, 6 - 7 30PM - Week 3 - Connecting With The Physical Body

June 4th, 6 - 730 PM - Week 4 - Creating Your Vision For Your Life

June 11th, 6 - 730 PM - Week 5 - What's Next And Connect

Come join us and be prepared for your life to change!




For any questions or concerns, please contact Gretchen Gehlhoff via meetup. You may also contact her at 303-587-6424. We look forward to seeing you there!


Gretchen Gehlhoff’s

Inner Matrix Book Club Testimonials

"Warm and inviting, the book club with Gretchen was a fantastic place to discover myself within this work. Gretchen created a safe, accepting environment where we all felt nurtured and experienced the transformation that The Inner Matrix facilitates through its experiential approach."

- C.S Aurora, CO

Gretchen did a phenomenal job facilitating the Inner Matrix Group teachings of Conscious Transformation. She created a safe, fun, trusting environment. I highly recommend her and this work!!!

- Karyn Ruth White

After reading the 1st Chapter of "The Inner Matrix" by Joey Klein... All I could think was "WOW". Along with Gretchen's guidance and knowledge in a group environment, learning from each other’s experiences this was just what I needed.

Reading Joey's words he makes it so simple and understandable and seeing myself in the examples I was changing every week. I understood more and more about myself and why I was so angry.

I am not a self-starter and this was what I needed to start a true change in my life with the tools Joey outlines in the ‘Inner Matrix". The "Book Club" is there for change and I am glad I turned the first page and I won't look back.... I have my real changes because of Joey's teaching and Gretchen's guidance alone the way.

- Amy Metz


About Gretchen Gehlhoff RN, DHC

In 2010, Gretchen began her transformational journey with Joey Klein and Conscious Transformation. Here she discovered powerful teachings, tools and techniques that enabled her to optimize her health and quickly recover from serious illness––and in the process gained a zest and passion for life she never dreamed possible!
A Certified Conscious Transformation Energy Practitioner and Registered Nurse specializing in Digestive Health, Gretchen’s passion for guiding others to also transform their lives led to founding "Gateway To Wellness". She empowers individuals to achieve optimal digestive health and also facilitates clientele to live fulfilled, enriched and joyful lives. Gretchen’s collective purpose is to shift the consciousness of the planet…one person at a time!

Whether you are suffering from digestive problems and/or if you are looking to quickly and radically improve your life in any aspect, Gretchen is your primary resource.

Services are available in person or long distance. For questions on how Gretchen can support you, please contact via this website or at 303-587-6424 or

Gretchen Gehlhoff RN

Founder of Gateway To Wellness

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