What we're about

This group for all men interested in improving their tension skills, embracing their most authentic self, and challenging their limiting beliefs to become a socially free, grounded, and open hearted masculine man who naturally attracts women.

If you...

...struggle with social conditioning, fears, stories, and limiting beliefs that prevent you from approaching women you'd like to meet

...are afraid of being honest, authentic, and speaking your mind and prefer to play it safe by being the "nice guy" in your interactions with women

...want to be free of your stories, limiting beliefs, and emotional baggage so you finally make the authentic connections with women you've always wanted

Then come join us to learn how to feel more deeply, become more grounded, and shed your emotional baggage/limiting beliefs through a variety of social exercises, comfort zone challenges, and masculine principles. By stepping into new tensions, you will embrace your core masculinity and experience a new reality that includes the authentic connections with women and social freedom you've always dreamed of.

There are core 6 principles that embody the real masculine core that you will learn about, and put to practice in our meetups so you can integrate them into your own life.

Purpose - Purpose is at the core of every masculine man. Whatever your purpose is, it is your highest priority. It is your gift to the world and the thing that drives you.

Awareness - This starts with self-awareness. Awareness of the sensations in your body, your stories, your beliefs, and how they drive your behaviors. By raising your awareness, you begin getting rooted in truth and dwelling in reality so you can find self-acceptance, rather than living in your self-imposed limitations.

Authenticity - What authenticity embodies is congruence and honesty of your feelings, expression, boundaries, and a deep sense of self. You show up unapologetically as you are, and that's more than enough.

Expression - Expressing is about speaking your truth authentically, and being present in your expression, emotions, thoughts, and words. You say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Leadership - A masculine man is leader of himself, first and foremost. He leads his life on the path of his purpose. He leads his woman in love and seduction. He leads himself into challenge, tension, and personal growth. He leads others with the highest intention of helping his group thrive.

Freedom - Freedom is the deepest desire at the core of the masculine man. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to express, freedom to live one's path and purpose, and freedom to explore women and the world with love.

While my website is under construction, feel free to reach out directly or post questions in the discussions section.

-Rooz Yavari

Upcoming events (1)

Social Freedom - Meeting Women Through Authenticity

Westfield San Francisco Centre

We'll meet at Westfield Mall on Market Street In San Francisco in the food court by Walgreens. We'll spend the first 20 minutes going over some basic principles around welcoming the feelings in your body, authentically expressing, and what it means to "give the gift" of human connection. The rest of the time will be spent putting these principles to practice through social exercises that will have you step in to new tensions, expand your boundaries, and connect with some amazing women. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and ready to have some fun while you challenge your old limiting beliefs/comfort zone! This meetup is limited to 10 guests so it will be first come first serve based on the RSVP. Please be on time as we will start at 1pm sharp and end at 3pm.

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Social Freedom - Meeting Women Through Authenticity

Westfield San Francisco Centre

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