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A men’s support group for the MODERN MAN! Where men of all ages sit together in a circle and share our experiences, thoughts and feelings without the need to wear a mask.

You’re guaranteed a good laugh, meaningful conversion and a chance to hang out, sharing what’s up. Listen, get new insights into daily life as we drop our ‘nice guy’ ‘macho man’ 'success' or whatever masks we’ve been wearing.

THIS IS NOT THERAPY and this not a group to fix you...because you are NOT broken! Maybe you’re just missing a tool or two in your toolbox to help you change the results you’re getting in life.

This is a group of men who live (or strive to live) their life in an intentional way, it's what I call the Modern man.

The modern man has the courage to seek out the support of others and instead of seeing it as weakness he sees it as wisdom. An Opportunity to become more rounded, to become a superior man.

The modern man is prepared to say ‘I don’t have it all figured out, and that’s ok’. He accepts that we are all perfectly imperfect.

The modern man is open minded, is willing to try on some new ideas/perspectives (in a safe space first) before making the powerful choice on whether or not to apply new ideas/perspectives to their lives in the modern world.

The modern man doesn't have an age, doesn't come from a specific race, look or dress in a certain way.

We are accepting, accountable and we want more out of life. We respectfully challenge one another to be better, more authentic men, without telling each other what to do or how to be (we’ve had plenty of that)

To get regular engagement and topics for discussion join the Maskless Men Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1517094745096444/)

Men's groups contain up to 8 men per group, mainly 30s-50s though some 18-80+.

VENUE: Westcroft Day Nursery Training Centre, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

TIME: 1900
Please arrive before 18:55pm. Open groups cannot be disrupted 10 minutes after they've begun.

COST: £10

The group is facilitated by Jay Williams (me) who over the last 5 ½ years of entrepreneurship has led Jay down the path of discovery, learning all about himself through self development and how past behaviors, experiences, stories and influences have effected his life today. This led him into the world of coaching where he's a life coach for men helping them become the truest most authentic version of themselves. This mens support group is the beginning of that process.

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