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The Mindfulness Center is a holistic wellness center in Bethesda, MD, offering wellness classes and services including yoga, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture, massage and more.


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Acupuncture: A powerful system of medicine designed to address patients on a body, mind and spirit level. Symptoms are viewed in relationship to the totality of a person in order to explore the root cause of an illness or imbalance.

Anahata Healing helps clients: Reduce stress through deep relaxation, transform limiting beliefs, shift stuck energies within the body and psyche, reframe life's stressor, see the bigger picture of their life, get their priorities in order.

Bioenergy: Bioenergy practice is designed to promote and maintain the balance of vital energy fields in the body. This is a non-touch process, although a light touch may sometimes be used. Recent research suggests that bioenergy may have inhibitory effects on cancer growth, and prolong the life of cancer-infected animals.

Connecting Couples: If you are feeling disconnected in a relationship, or would like to enhance the feelings of unity, understanding and love in you current relationship, Dr. Norris employs tools from mindfulness meditation and energy work. This work does not claim to be any type of psychotherapy or other medical or therapeutic intervention, but rather a teaching and learning environment.

Counseling:Therapy sessions may include: Stress management and improved coping with lifestyle changes; managing symptoms of depression, anxiety and anger through relaxation techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, progressive relaxation, and visual imagery; improved relationships through communication skills training; also self-esteem and women's issues.

Cranial Sacral Therapy: A light touch healing practice which brings the body back into physiological and energetic balance. The practitioner works with the clients central nervous system and the Cranial Rhythmic Tides to bring about profound changes in the clients system.

Hypnosis: A natural state of relaxation in which you experience heightened suggestibility. Hypnosis can be used to promote physical or emotional health. While in a deep state of relaxation, you are offered suggestions tailored to your specific needs. Your unconscious mind can then transmit these thoughts and images throughout your mind and body, influencing them in ways that seem impossible in ordinary states of consciousness.

Massage: Myofascial Release, Body Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Oncology Massage, and Lymph Drainage Massage.

Medical Qigong Therapy (MQT): A form of healing energy therapy that incorporates the diagnostic and energetic balancing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the energy sensing and intuitive healing abilities of the Medical Qigong Therapist to boost the body's immune function, reduce stress levels and allow healing to occur in a totally non-invasive manner.

Nia Dance: Nia is innovative, transformational exercise that expands and deepens the experience of fitness. Through movement, music, and fun, Nia classes guide you to move your body the way it is intended to move. Based in the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, Nia offers a total, invigorating mind-body workout that emphasizes joy, pleasure and ease. Nia classes vary in their focus, but always provide new tools for you to further develop your relationship with your body. No prior training is necessary.

Nutritional Counseling: There is great diversity in the dietary and herbal traditions of the world. At The Mindfulness Center, we take these varieties into consideration to develop the best program for your personal well-being. Learn the joy of using, growing or preparing herbs and other plant based foods for your health, joy and personal gratification.

Personal Training: Ian Bailey is a personal trainer, who knows the power of developing your body to the best of its ability. He trains both adults and children, athletes and individuals beginning a conditioning regimen. His goal as your personal trainer is to be the best that means you achieve your results.

Reiki: Means "Universal Energy". It is a natural and safe method that uses a light touch to channel universal energy to a patient's energy body. The purpose is to promote relaxation and stress reduction, restore balance, eliminate blockages, support the immune system, and foster all around healing and well-being.

Stress Reduction/Lifestyle Counseling: The Mindfulness Center offers one-on-one intensive training in stress reduction techniques. Helpful in treating anxiety and other stress-related disorders, you will learn stress management techniques, relieve tension, and gain a feeling of control over the causes of stress.

Transformational Breathwork: Transformational BreathWork is a powerful self-healing tool that helps lower stress, boosts the immune system, increases energy, creates clarity and calms the mind. It is unique from other forms of Breathwork. It works by facilitating the natural healing process for all types of trauma, is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in maintenance of optimal health. Transformational BreathWork is also a great class for our Prenatal Clients.

Transformational Coaching: Working with a life coach is a lot like working with a counselor, but with a powerful action element. Holding your agenda in the forefront, Rena will listen to what you are saying and not saying, challenge you when appropriate, be your biggest cheerleader and help you align your life to support your desires.

Yoga Therapy: Integrative Yoga Therapeutics works with an understanding of the living system and it's relationships, seeing the body as an integrated fluid organism. The therapeutic application of yoga combines yoga asana, breathwork, Eastern and Western movement disciplines and meditation to access the subtle levels of our being.

The Mindfulness Center is dedicated to bringing mindfulness to all dimensions of life. Mindfulness includes meditation, mindfulness in health, lifestyle and community, and mindfulness in sustainable living on the earth. Through research, education and practice, we strive to promote optimal well-being and a sustainable lifestyle. In this mission, we know true joy in life.

Please go to our website: http://www.themindfulnesscenter.org to learn more about our services, workshops, schedule and programs!

You can also check our weekly class schedule at: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/adm/home.asp?studioid=8687

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The Meditation as Therapy, Meditation Teacher Training program is a 140-hour immersion program that informs the participant through both didactic and experiential practices. Discussion covers the evidence-based use of meditation as a clinical therapy, the mechanism of action by which meditation and other related mind-body practices work, and the mechanism of healing as it applies to both the physiological and psychological dimensions of health. Experiential practice cultivates a deeper self-practice, and builds the foundation for teaching group and one-on-one sessions. Rolling Admission, Sign up Today!

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