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The Sacral Circle - A SELF-LOVE Rx to Help You Unwind
Be a part of the SELF-LOVE movement! Stop putting yourself last. "We must learn how to be our own best friend, our own beloved. Self nurturing is where it starts." Janie Terrazas, The Mindfulness Coach DURING THIS HOUR Janie will guide you through calming, breathing exercises, as well as a series of simple stretches and movements. She'll deliver insights about the body along with powerful affirmations and visualizations. LIVE music provided by special guest Adam Tutor. Enjoy healing sounds from his latest CD "Servant of Love" $25 online/$30 at the door. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT! ( THE GOAL: To improve your stress levels, and the overall well-being of your mind, body, heart and soul. This is about learning how to process emotions properly, and how to heal repressed pain. It's also about communing with others who are on the path of self love, so you feel supported and uplifted. THE RESULT: You will leave feeling lighter, revitalized, restored, loved and empowered. WHAT TO WEAR: Clothes you can easily move attire, sweats etc. WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle, notepad/pen and an OPEN HEART and MIND. Everything that is covered during the class can easily be used on a daily basis to keep your stress levels in check. Including: aromatherapy, the emotional freedom technique and basic reflexology/self-massage tips. Her mission is to teach you how to manage stress and improve the relationship with your body, so you can take control of your wellness. She believes knowledge is power. "Understanding the mechanics of your body is an important facet of knowing and loving thyself." Let us unite and encourage one another to embrace SELF-LOVE and SELF-COMPASSION. CERTIFICATIONS: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, Life Optimization Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Meditation Guide ( SPONSORED BY: EOB Boutique MISSION: EOB is anchored in hope & soul and we are looking to change the world! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT! (

Yoga in Motion

8055 West Ave Ste 108 · San Antonio, TX

What we're about


Healing Hearts. Restoring Minds. Guiding Souls.

If you are looking to: drastically enhance your dating life, improve your communication skills with the opposite sex and create more meaningful relationships ...then this group would appeal to you.

"We need to learn how to engage and connect with others honestly and authentically." Janie

Who is the organizer?

Certified Mindfulness Coach Janie Terrazas, is empowering, encouraging and inspiring others to explore the dynamics of their mind and the true callings of their heart. She's an expert on unraveling the miscommunication that often occurs between the sexes, and the limiting thoughts we personally face that sabotage us from getting what our heart desires.

She offers one-on-one coaching services and conducts workshops/seminars.

What makes this group unique?

Janie has helped many men and women overcome their insecurities and expand their perspective when it comes to dating and relationships. She is striving to master unconditional love for herself, and passionately assists others with the same goal, so they can thrive in all areas of life.


"I believe unconditional love is honoring what the heart and soul need, and sometimes that means making tough decisions that involve MAJOR change. Having someone to guide and encourage you through that process is beneficial."

Her transparency and non-judgmental attitude makes you feel safe to open up about anything you are struggling with in love and life.

She recently recognized some tough truths which led to her having to divorce her husband and coaching business partner. "It's been a difficult year. I've had to rebuild myself, my life and my business. Now that I'm coming out on the other end of the dark tunnel, I'm ready to share the grueling lessons I learned that strengthened me, and made me a wiser coach."

DOES Janie's Group sound like something you want to be a part of?

If so JOIN NOW! I'd love to have you as a member.

For inspiring blogs and to learn more about her coaching services visit (

JANIE TERRAZAS BIO - Janie worked in Los Angeles as a producer, host and fitness model for over 10 years. In 2012, she decided to move back to her hometown of SA to focus on her coaching and wellness career. She's also a hands-on healer. For more info visit (

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